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I qualified in medicine in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with subsequent training in internal medicine and public health. As Professor of European Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine I was founding director of the European Centre on Health of Societies in Transition, a WHO Collaborating Centre that comprises the largest team of researchers working on health and health policy in central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and which I led for over a decade. I am also research director of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, a unique partnership of universities, national and regional governments, and international agencies. I am a former Chair of the UK Society for Social Medicine and Immediate Past President of the European Public Health Association. I have published over 1,180 scientific papers and 46 books and have an H-Index (Google Scholar) of 141. I was an editor of the European Journal of Public Health for 15 years and am a member of numerous editorial boards, as well as being an editorial consultant to The Lancet. I have been invited to give many endowed lectures, including the Milroy (Royal College of Physicians), Cochrane (UK Society for Social Medicine), Ferenc Bojan (EUPHA), Davidson and Dr Andrew Duncan (Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh), Salvador Lucia (UCSF), Population Health Sciences (McMaster University),  DARE (UK Faculty of Public Health), Victor Horsley (British Medical Association), Hjelt (University of Helsinki), Duncan (City of Liverpool), Thackrah (University of Leeds), Dixon (Ulster Medical Society), Sandy Macara (BMA), Neuberger (Hebrew University, Jerusalem), Litchfield (University of Oxford), Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy lecture, Schorstein (Barts), and Teddy Chester (University of Manchester). I sit on a number of advisory boards in Europe and North America, in both the public and private sectors and I was a trustee of the UK Public Health Association. I am a former chair of WHO's European Advisory Committee on Health Research and of the Global Health Advisory Committee of George Soros' Open Society Foundations, and a member of the European Commission's Expert Panel on Investing in Health. I am also a Senior Fellow at the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research (CHOPR), University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of London, Edinburgh, and Ireland and the UK Faculty of Public Health and a former chair of the UK Society for Social Medicine. My contributions to European health policy have been recognised by, among others, election to the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, the US National Academy of Medicine, and the Academia Europaea, by the award of honorary doctorates from Hungary, The  Netherlands, Sweden,  Greece, and the United Kingdom (QUB), and visiting professorships at the Universities of Zagreb and Belgrade, the London School of Economics, and Taipei Medical University. In 2003 I was awarded the Andrija Stampar medal for contributions to European public health and in 2005 was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) by HM Queen Elizabeth II. In 2014 I was awarded the Alwyn Smith Prize for "the most outstanding contribution to the health of the public" by the UK Faculty of Public Health and, the same year, a scientometric analysis in the journal Health Research Policy & Systems identified me as the most productive researcher in global health systems research. In its 2015 listing I was included in the Thomson Reuters list of the top 1% most cited researchers worldwide and, the same year, I was awarded the Donabedian International Award.

You can read more about me in my Lancet profile, on Wikipedia, and in BMJ Confidential

My latest books are

a) with Bernd Rechel and Erica Richardson, on Health systems in the former Soviet countries

b) with Bernd Rechel, on Facets of Public Health in Europe

My video interviews include:

Health in Time of Transition

The health effects of austerity in Europe

The global rise of non-communicable diseases

The challenges facing public health today

The challenge of universal health coverage

Health effects of austerity (interview with the Western Australian)

Fortes lecture (Stockholm, March 2016) on sustaining solidarity in Europe

WRR (Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy) The Hague, December 2016

You can follow me on Twitter at @martinmckee


Department of Health Services Research and Policy


I established and now contribute to a course on issues in public health, taught in the autumn term. This course seeks to show that public health can actually be exciting and stimulating. It is intended for people who want to make the world a better, and fairer place to live in. It uses problem based learning and is based on real life issues, such as gun control, discrimination, and challenging vested interests. It is not for those who see public health as a way to a quiet life! I also contribute to a course on health systems, in the summer term, that draws extensively on our work in the European Observatory.


My main research foci are health determinants (especially social change, alcohol, tobacco and nutrition), health system performance, and the relationship between health and the economy.

Research Area
Health care financing
Health care policy
Health inequalities
Health policy
Health sector development
Health systems
Tobacco control
Adolescent health
Policy analysis
United Kingdom
Kyrgyz Republic
United States of America
South Africa
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)
Euro area
European Union

Selected Publications

Deaths of Despair and Brexit Votes: Cross-Local Authority Statistical Analysis in England and Wales.
Koltai J; Varchetta FM; McKee M; Stuckler D
American journal of public health
Winners and losers in the global trade in food.
McKee M; van Schalkwyk M
The Lancet. Global health
Mechanisms for addressing and managing the influence of corporations on public health policy, research and practice: a scoping review.
Mialon M; Vandevijvere S; Carriedo-Lutzenkirchen A; Bero L; Gomes F; Petticrew M; McKee M; Stuckler D; Sacks G
BMJ open
Systematic review of frameworks used to conceptualise health pathways of individuals diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases.
Seguin ML; Rangnekar A; Renedo A; Palafox B; McKee M; Balabanova D
BMJ global health
Self-reported access to health care, communicable diseases, violence and perception of legal status among online transgender identifying sex workers in the UK.
Steele S; Taylor V; Vannoni M; Hernandez-Salazar E; McKee M; Amato-Gauci A; Stuckler D; Semenza J
Public health
The best person (or machine) for the job: Rethinking task shifting in healthcare.
van Schalkwyk MC; Bourek A; Kringos DS; Siciliani L; Barry MM; De Maeseneer J; McKee M; European Commission Expert Panel on Effective ways of Investing in Health
Health policy (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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