Mr Pierre Masselot

Assistant Professor

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

I am a statistician and environmental epidemiologist interested in the association between various environmental exposure and human health, as well as methodological and software development.

My research focus on the effect on health of temperature and the role played by climate change in this association, as well as the effect of various air pollutants and atmospheric composition. I also propose new methodological developments for environmental epidemiology such as constrained and Machine Learning methods to estimate health impacts in low-population settings, develop environmental health indices or assess differences in vulnerability between populations.

I also teach R programming and Machine Learning at LSHTM.


Department of Public Health, Environments and Society
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


I am co-Module organiser and Lecturer of the Machine Learning module (2490) taught in the Health Data Science MSc. I also tutor and teach in the R programming and Introduction to Statistical Computing modules.


My research interests are twofold: i) accurately assessing the association and impact of environmental stressors on human health, and ii) developing appropriate methodologies for doing so.

My research have primilarily focused on estimating temperature-related mortality in various settings, including the Québec province in Canada and cities in Europe. It includes large health impact assessment of non-optimal temperatures, developing climate indicators and thresholds for early warning systems and projections in futures climate. I also works on estimating how various local characteristics affect the vulnerability to temperature. Similarly, I work on estimating how atmospheric composition affects the vulnerability to air pollution in cities.

My main methodological focus is on constrained estimation, with the objective to create health indicators and improve estimations of the association between health and environmental stressors in low power settings.
Research Area
Statistical methods
Environmental Health
Climate change
Disease and Health Conditions
Cardiovascular diseases
Respiratory diseases
United Kingdom
European Union
North America

Selected Publications

Excess mortality attributed to heat and cold: a health impact assessment study in 854 cities in Europe.
MASSELOT, P; MISTRY, M; VANOLI, J; Schneider, R; Iungman, T; Garcia-Leon, D; Ciscar, J-C; Feyen, L; Orru, H; Urban, A; Breitner, S; Huber, V; Schneider, A; Samoli, E; Stafoggia, M; De'Donato, F; Rao, S; ARMSTRONG, B; Nieuwenhuijsen, M; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; GASPARRINI, A; MCC Collaborative Research Network,; EXHAUSTION project,;
The Lancet Planetary Health
Short-Term Association between Sulfur Dioxide and Mortality: A Multicountry Analysis in 399 Cities.
O'Brien, E; MASSELOT, P; Sera, F; Roye, D; Breitner, S; Ng, CF S; De Sousa Zanotti Stagliorio Coelho, M; Madureira, J; Tobias, A; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; Bell, ML; Lavigne, E; Kan, H; GASPARRINI, A; MCC Collaborative Research Network,;
Environmental health perspectives
Cooling cities through urban green infrastructure: a health impact assessment of European cities.
Iungman, T; Cirach, M; Marando, F; Pereira Barboza, E; Khomenko, S; MASSELOT, P; Quijal-Zamorano, M; Mueller, N; GASPARRINI, A; Urquiza, J; Heris, M; Thondoo, M; Nieuwenhuijsen, M;
Small-area assessment of temperature-related mortality risks in England and Wales: a case time series analysis.
GASPARRINI, A; MASSELOT, P; Scortichini, M; Schneider, R; MISTRY, MN; SERA, F; Macintyre, HL; Phalkey, R; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM;
The Lancet Planetary health
Constrained groupwise additive index models.
MASSELOT, P; Chebana, F; Campagna, C; Lavigne, É; Ouarda, TB M J; Gosselin, P;
Heat-related mortality prediction using low-frequency climate oscillation indices: Case studies of the cities of Montréal and Québec, Canada
MASSELOT, P; Ouarda, TB M J; Charron, C; Campagna, C; Lavigne, É; St-Hilaire, A; Chebana, F; Valois, P; Gosselin, P;
Environmental Epidemiology
Differential Mortality Risks Associated With PM2.5 Components: A Multi-Country, Multi-City Study.
MASSELOT, P; SERA, F; Schneider, R; Kan, H; Lavigne, É; Stafoggia, M; Tobias, A; Chen, H; Burnett, RT; Schwartz, J; Zanobetti, A; Bell, ML; Chen, B-Y; Guo, Y-LL; Ragettli, MS; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; Åström, C; Forsberg, B; Íñiguez, C; Garland, RM; Scovronick, N; Madureira, J; Nunes, B; De la Cruz Valencia, C; Hurtado Diaz, M; ... GASPARRINI, A.
Differential impact of government lockdown policies on reducing air pollution levels and related mortality in Europe.
Schneider, R; MASSELOT, P; Vicedo-Cabrera, AM; SERA, F; Blangiardo, M; Forlani, C; Douros, J; Jorba, O; Adani, M; Kouznetsov, R; Couvidat, F; Arteta, J; Raux, B; Guevara, M; Colette, A; Barré, J; Peuch, V-H; GASPARRINI, A;
Scientific reports
Machine Learning Approaches to Identify Thresholds in a Heat-Health Warning System Context
MASSELOT, P; Chebana, F; Campagna, C; Lavigne, É; Ouarda, TB M J; Gosselin, P;
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society)
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