Ms Manar Marzouk

Research Fellow

United Kingdom

I am a pharmacist with extensive experience in health policy research in humanitarian and displacement settings with a focus on non-communicable diseases and maternal and child health. In the past few years, I led several qualitative projects and meta analysis in different settings (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Singapore, Thailand, and the UK). In all these projects, I worked in close collaborations with local health institutions, universities, and policy makers. I am currently co-leading a qualitative study of patients, providers and stakeholders’ experiences with T1 diabetes in each of Tanzania and Bangladesh. The project is in collaboration between LSHTM; UK , Pittsburgh and Harvard Universities, USA; BIRDEM Diabetes Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and MITU, Tanzania and relevant hospitals in Mwanza, Tanzania.

In the past 2 years, I led (i) a qualitative study about Syrian patients’ experience with breast cancer in the North West of Syria, in collaboration with Yale University and the Syrian Medical American Society (SAMS); (ii) three systematic reviews and one meta-analysis about cervical cancer in collaboration with the National University of Singapore, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, and KK Woman’s and Children’s Hospital; (iii) a qualitative study about the effect of COVID-19 on sexual and reproductive health in Asia Pacific region, in collaboration with UNFPA; (iv) a scoping review on FGM in Asia and Europe; (v) a qualitative study about health care services for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh using photovoice; (vi) two COVID-19 modelling projects in two different regions in Syria in collaboration with directorates of health in different regions in Syria.

I was also involved in several projects on health systems and policy analysis in different countries in the MENA region, including UNESCWA - The National Agenda for the Future of Syria (NAFS Programme), Lebanon Support - The Right to Health in Lebanon and Jordan, and UNICEF/Valid International - CMAM Evaluation in Sudan. previously, I worked on cancer care management for Syrian refugees in Jordan (WHO-EMRO, 2016), and minorities' experiences in accessing mental health services (Health Experience Research Group, University of Oxford, 2017), and I have over 7 years' field experience in the humanitarian sector in Syria and the UK (Valid International, 2018-20; Asylum Welcome, 2016-2018; UNICEF, 2014-2015; UNHCR, 2013-2014). I hold an MSc in International Health and Tropical Medicine from the University of Oxford, and a bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from the University of Damascus.


Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Supervising two qualitative research projects for medical students at Kings college about breast feeding challenges in the North West of Syria.
Supervised a qualitative research about women's experience with breast cancer in the North West of Syria, in collaboration with Yale University and Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS).
Co-supervised the research project of a medical student about breastfeeding among Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.
Conducted a training on qualitative methods for postgraduate paediatric trainees at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana


I am interested in chronic diseases research in humanitarian and displacement settings with a focus on cancer, diabetes, and mental health. I am also interested in research related to child health in low-middle income settings.

Selected Publications

Effects of COVID-19 on sexual and reproductive health services access in the Asia-Pacific region: a qualitative study of expert and policymaker perspectives.
MARZOUK, M; Lam, ST; DURRANCE-BAGALE, A; Nagashima-Hayashi, M; Neo, P; Ung, M; Zaseela, A; Aribou, ZM; Agarwal, S; HOWARD, N;
Sexual and reproductive health matters
Health system evaluation in conflict-affected countries: a scoping review of approaches and methods.
MARZOUK, M; DURRANCE-BAGALE, A; Lam, ST; Nagashima-Hayashi, M; Ung, M; Aribou, ZM; Zaseela, A; Ibrahim, NM; Agarwal, S; Omar, M; Newaz, S; Mkhallalati, H; HOWARD, N;
Conflict and health
Sexual and reproductive health services access and provision in Cambodia during the COVID-19 pandemic: a mixed-method study of urban-rural differences.
Ung, M; Lam, ST; Tuot, S; Chhoun, P; Prum, V; Nagashima-Hayashi, M; Neo, P; MARZOUK, M; DURRANCE-BAGALE, A; De Beni, D; Yi, S; HOWARD, N;
Reproductive health
How can humanitarian services provision during mass displacement better support health systems? An exploratory qualitative study of humanitarian service provider perspectives in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.
Krishnan, S; Zaman, S; Ferdaus, M; Kabir, MH; Khatun, H; Rahman, SS; MARZOUK, M; DURRANCE-BAGALE, A; HOWARD, N;
Journal of Migration and Health
The health of internally displaced people in Syria: are current systems fit for purpose?
Abbara, A; Rayes, D; Ekzayez, A; Jabbour, S; MARZOUK, M; Alnahhas, H; Basha, S; Katurji, Z; Sullivan, R; Fouad, FM;
Journal of migration and health
Community engagement in health systems interventions and research in conflict-affected countries: a scoping review of approaches.
DURRANCE-BAGALE, A; MARZOUK, M; Tung, LS; Agarwal, S; Aribou, ZM; Ibrahim, NB M; Mkhallalati, H; Newaz, S; Omar, M; Ung, M; Zaseela, A; Nagashima-Hayashi, M; HOWARD, N;
Global Health Action
'Science is only half of it': Expert perspectives on operationalising infectious disease control cooperation in the ASEAN region.
DURRANCE-BAGALE, A; MARZOUK, M; Ananthakrishnan, A; Nagashima-Hayashi, M; Lam, ST; Sittimart, M; HOWARD, N;
PLOS Global Public Health
Monitoring and Evaluation of National Vaccination Implementation: A Scoping Review of How Frameworks and Indicators Are Used in the Public Health Literature.
MARZOUK, M; Omar, M; Sirison, K; Ananthakrishnan, A; DURRANCE-BAGALE, A; Pheerapanyawaranun, C; Porncharoen, C; Pimsarn, N; Lam, ST; Ung, M; Mougammadou Aribou, Z; Dabak, SV; Isaranuwatchai, W; HOWARD, N;
Gender-Based Violence in the Asia-Pacific Region during COVID-19: A Hidden Pandemic behind Closed Doors.
Nagashima-Hayashi, M; DURRANCE-BAGALE, A; MARZOUK, M; Ung, M; Lam, ST; Neo, P; HOWARD, N;
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
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