Joelle Mak

Research Fellow

Room 201

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

Prior to joining LSHTM I worked on a number of HIV and sexual health projects primarily in Africa and Central America for NGOs.


Department of Global Health and Development
Department of Population Health
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation
Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health (MARCH)


I currently teach on the in-house Principles of Social Research (PSR) and Population Studies (migration lecture), and Sexual Health. I tutor on MSc Public Health and MSc Reproductive & Sexual Health Research (RSHR). I supervise MSc students and sit on the MSc RSHR Course Committee.

Previously, I was Co-Module Organiser for PSR for a number of years and also taught on Research Design & Analysis.

I am Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


I am a mixed-methods social science researcher. My research interests are labour exploitation, forced/unfree labour, human trafficking, labour migration. I am also experienced and in research on sexual healt and HIV. I have a particular interest in research ethics, and sit on the School's Ethics Committee. 

Since 2013, I have been working on a five-year DfID funded evaluation of the ILO Work in Freedom programme, an intervention aimed at reducing vulnerability to labour trafficking in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. I am the lead researcher for the Nepal, leading the multi-methods study throughout the project, and managing the development of tools, training of fieldworkers, overseeing the fieldwork, data cleaning, analysis, and write-up. I am also conducting analysis on labour exploitation among internal migrants in India. 

My PhD explores male Nepali returnee's migrants experiences of stress and coping in relation to their labour migration, using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Some of my previous work include the Integra initiative, an evaluation on different models for delivering integrated HIV and sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya, Swaziland and Malawi; Camfed Seed Money Scheme evaluation in Zimbabwe and Tanzania; and the Global Burden of Diseases on interpersonal violence. 

Research Area
Child health
Complex interventions
Health promotion
Health services research
Occupational health
Sexual health
Systematic reviews
Adolescent health
Impact evaluation
Mixed methods
Qualitative methods
Reproductive health
Social Sciences
Disease and Health Conditions
Sexually transmitted infection
Sierra Leone
South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Men’s use of sexual health and HIV services in Swaziland: a mixed methods study
Mak, J.; Mayhew, S.H.; von Maercker, A.; Integra Research Team, I.R.; Colombini, M.;
Sex Health
Intimate partner violence victimization and alcohol consumption in women: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Devries, K.M.; Child, J.C.; Bacchus, L.J.; Mak, J.; Falder, G.; Graham, K.; Watts, C.; Heise, L.;
Childhood Sexual Abuse and Suicidal Behavior: A Meta-analysis.
Devries, K.M.; Mak, J.Y.; Child, J.C.; Falder, G.; Bacchus, L.J.; Astbury, J.; Watts, C.H.;
Intimate partner violence and incident depressive symptoms and suicide attempts: a systematic review of longitudinal studies.
Devries, K.M. ; Mak, J.Y. ; Bacchus, L.J. ; Child, J.C. ; Falder, G. ; Petzold, M. ; Astbury, J. ; Watts, C.H. ;
PLoS Med
Global health. The global prevalence of intimate partner violence against women.
Devries, K.M. ; Mak, J.Y. ; García-Moreno, C. ; Petzold, M. ; Child, J.C. ; Falder, G. ; Lim, S. ; Bacchus, L.J. ; Engell, R.E. ; Rosenfeld, L. ; Pallitto, C. ; Vos, T. ; Abrahams, N. ; Watts, C.H. ;
Need, demand and missed opportunities for integrated reproductive health-HIV care in Kenya and Swaziland: evidence from household surveys.
Mak, J. ; Birdthistle, I. ; Church, K. ; Preez, N.F. ; Kivunaga, J. ; Kikuvi, J. ; Masuku, R. ; Mayhew, S.H. ; Integra research team, (inc Howard, N;) . ;
A comparative risk assessment of burden of disease and injury attributable to 67 risk factors and risk factor clusters in 21 regions, 1990-2010: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010.
Lim, S.S. ; Vos, T. ; Flaxman, A.D. ; Danaei, G. ; Shibuya, K. ; Adair-Rohani, H. ; Amann, M. ; Anderson, H.R. ; Andrews, K.G. ; Aryee, M. ; Atkinson, C. ; Bacchus, L.J. ; Bahalim, A.N. ; Balakrishnan, K. ; Balmes, J. ; Barker-Collo, S. ; Baxter, A. ; Bell, M.L. ; Blore, J.D. ; Blyth, F. ; Bonner, C. ; Borges, G. ; Bourne, R. ; Boussinesq, M. ; Brauer, M. ; Brooks, P. ; Bruce, N.G. ; Brunekreef, B. ; Bryan-Hancock, C. ; Bucello, C. ; Buchbinder, R. ; Bull, F. ; Burnett, R.T. ; Byers, T.E. ; Calabria, B. ; Carapetis, J. ; Carnahan, E. ; Chafe, Z. ; Charlson, F. ; Chen, H. ; Chen, J.S. ; Cheng, A.T. ; Child, J.C. ; Cohen, A. ; Colson, K.E. ; Cowie, B.C. ; Darby, S. ; Darling, S. ; Davis, A. ; Degenhardt, L. ; Dentener, F. ; Des Jarlais, D.C. ; Devries, K. ; Dherani, M. ; Ding, E.L. ; Dorsey, E.R. ; Driscoll, T. ; Edmond, K. ; Ali, S.E. ; Engell, R.E. ; Erwin, P.J. ; Fahimi, S. ; Falder, G. ; Farzadfar, F. ; Ferrari, A. ; Finucane, M.M. ; Flaxman, S. ; Fowkes, F.G. ; Freedman, G. ; Freeman, M.K. ; Gakidou, E. ; Ghosh, S. ; Giovannucci, E. ; Gmel, G. ; Graham, K. ; Grainger, R. ; Grant, B. ; Gunnell, D. ; Gutierrez, H.R. ; Hall, W. ; Hoek, H.W. ; Hogan, A. ; Hosgood, H.D. 3rd; Hoy, D. ; Hu, H. ; Hubbell, B.J. ; Hutchings, S.J. ; Ibeanusi, S.E. ; Jacklyn, G.L. ; Jasrasaria, R. ; Jonas, J.B. ; Kan, H. ; Kanis, J.A. ; Kassebaum, N. ; Kawakami, N. ; Khang, Y.H. ; Khatibzadeh, S. ; Khoo, J.P. ; Kok, C. ; Laden, F. ; Lalloo, R. ; Lan, Q. ; Lathlean, T. ; Leasher, J.L. ; Leigh, J. ; Li, Y. ; Lin, J.K. ; Lipshultz, S.E. ; London, S. ; Lozano, R. ; Lu, Y. ; Mak, J. ; Malekzadeh, R. ; Mallinger, L. ; Marcenes, W. ; March, L. ; Marks, R. ; Martin, R. ; McGale, P. ; McGrath, J. ; Mehta, S. ; Mensah, G.A. ; Merriman, T.R. ; Micha, R. ; Michaud, C. ; Mishra, V. ; Hanafiah, K.M. ; Mokdad, A.A. ; Morawska, L. ; Mozaffarian, D. ; Murphy, T. ; Naghavi, M. ; Neal, B. ; Nelson, P.K. ; Nolla, J.M. ; Norman, R. ; Olives, C. ; Omer, S.B. ; Orchard, J. ; Osborne, R. ; Ostro, B. ; Page, A. ; Pandey, K.D. ; Parry, C.D. ; Passmore, E. ; Patra, J. ; Pearce, N. ; Pelizzari, P.M. ; Petzold, M. ; Phillips, M.R. ; Pope, D. ; Pope, C.A. 3rd; Powles, J. ; Rao, M. ; Razavi, H. ; Rehfuess, E.A. ; Rehm, J.T. ; Ritz, B. ; Rivara, F.P. ; Roberts, T. ; Robinson, C. ; Rodriguez-Portales, J.A. ; Romieu, I. ; Room, R. ; Rosenfeld, L.C. ; Roy, A. ; Rushton, L. ; Salomon, J.A. ; Sampson, U. ; Sanchez-Riera, L. ; Sanman, E. ; Sapkota, A. ; Seedat, S. ; Shi, P. ; Shield, K. ; Shivakoti, R. ; Singh, G.M. ; Sleet, D.A. ; Smith, E. ; Smith, K.R. ; Stapelberg, N.J. ; Steenland, K. ; Stöckl, H. ; Stovner, L.J. ; Straif, K. ; Straney, L. ; Thurston, G.D. ; Tran, J.H. ; Van Dingenen, R. ; van Donkelaar, A. ; Veerman, J.L. ; Vijayakumar, L. ; Weintraub, R. ; Weissman, M.M. ; White, R.A. ; Whiteford, H. ; Wiersma, S.T. ; Wilkinson, J.D. ; Williams, H.C. ; Williams, W. ; Wilson, N. ; Woolf, A.D. ; Yip, P. ; Zielinski, J.M. ; Lopez, A.D. ; Murray, C.J. ; Ezzati, M. ; AlMazroa, M.A. ; Memish, Z.A. ;
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