Dr Grant Mackenzie

Associate Professor

United Kingdom

Dr Mackenzie is a clinical epidemiologist/paediatrician with a research focus to link clinical/field studies with laboratory investigations to answer biological and public health question relevant to infectious disease and child health in low-income settings. He trained clinically in Australia and completed his PhD there before undertaking additional training and experience in HIV care in London and Kenya. He has been based in West Africa at the Basse Field Station of the Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia at LSHTM since 2008.


Department of Disease Control
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Dr Mackenzie has led the academic environment at the MRCG at LSHTM Basse Field Station since 2008, leading the regular Journal Club and Scientific Seminars and supporting others to gain experience coordinating these activities. He has supervised two PhD students to completion. He has supervised four Master's students and summer projects for five LSHTM Master's students.

Dr Mackenzie is a member of the team delivering the LSHTM distance learning programme for Control of Communicable Diseases, marking exams and assignments, formulating new questions and supporting students on the Moodle forum. He also lectures in the LSHTM short course on Introductory Epidemiology and Biostatistics held each year in The Gambia.


Dr Mackenzie has co-ordinated surveillance for pneumococcal disease and carriage evaluating the clinical and economic effectiveness of the introduction of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in The Gambia. He is currently conducting a large cluster-randomised trial of different pneumococcal vaccine schedules.

His other work has investigated long-term outcomes after childhood hospital admissions and the critical role of malnutrition, epidemiology, aetiology and risk factors for childhood pneumonia, the changing performance over time of IMCI criteria for pneumonia, causes of serious bacterial illness and interactions with malaria epidemiology, and the epidemiology of acute respiratory viral disease in children.

Selected Publications

A genomic appraisal of invasive Salmonella Typhimurium and associated antibiotic resistance in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Verbal autopsy analysis of childhood deaths in rural Gambia.
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Quantifying excess mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 in The Gambia: a time-series analysis of three health and demographic surveillance systems.
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International journal of infectious diseases : IJID : official publication of the International Society for Infectious Diseases
Verbal autopsy analysis of childhood deaths in rural Gambia
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PloS One
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