Caroline Lynch


Assistant Professor


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

0207 927 2909

I am PI for two projects, the first is the Maternal healthcare markets Evaluation Team (MET) which is conducting research on the private health sector’s role in delivering maternal health care.  The teams work is contributing to evidence on the use, quality, equity, and market dynamics of private maternal health services, and whether interventions, such as social franchising, can increase access to lifesaving care for all women.  We are affliated with the MARCH centre and Maternal and Newborn Health Group in LSHTM.

The second project is the LINK project - focused on strengthening data for decision-making for National Malaria Programmes in 13 high burden countries. This project is based on the premise that a considerable amount of data relevant to malaria control already exists in countries, but many times data is overlooked because it is not organised in a way that can be used to guide decision-making. The LINK programme aims to assemble this existing data and present it in a way that informs malaria control. By working with National Malaria Programmes and stakeholders in highly malaria-burdened countries, LINK aims to increase the use of data to guide policy and operational decisions.

I originally trained as a parasitologist and epidemiologist, with specific interest in malaria control having worked on malaria in fragile states for the last 15 years. My PhD work looked at the impact of internal migration on malaria in Uganda and I continue to work on projects looking at the impact of migration on health. More recently, I have worked on National Malaria Strategic Plan Development, Monitoring & Evaluation and Operational Research throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. 


Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology


Malaria Centre
Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health (MARCH)


I co-organise the Distance Learning module - Practical Epidemiology - since early 2017. 

Prior to that I co-organised and and taught on Designing Disease Control Programmes in Developing Countries which is a module aimed at giving students a realistic experience of working within a group to design and plan disease control including; how to undertake a situational analysis, theories of change, identifying underlying assumptions behind interventions, using evidence to guide programme design, understanding critical pathways and monitoring and evaluation.  I continue to teach Monitoring and Evaluation on this course and on the module for Sexually Transmitted Infections.

I also tutor on the MSc for Reproductive and Sexual Health Research. 


My research interest is in movement, either the movement of people and resulting impact on health, the movement of resistant parasites, or the diffusion of interventions through populations.

Currently I am leading on an evaluation of the Informed Push Model for distribution of Family Planning commodities in Senegal as part of MET. This is a multi-dimensional evaluation looking at the effect of the intervention on stock availability and modern contraceptive prevalence rate, the process of implementation and characteristics of the intervention, the cost and cost-effectiveness of IPM and the overall health system context within which the intervention is being implemented. 

I am also working in collaboration with Makerere University and the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) to examine migration, health and access to health services, among labour migrants in Uganda.

Research Area
Drug resistance
Infectious disease policy
Maternal health
Public health
Disease control
Evidence use
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Global Health
Impact evaluation
Implementation research
Spatial analysis
Genetic epidemiology
GIS/Spatial analysis
Operational research
Vector biology
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Emerging Infectious Disease
Vector borne disease
Cote d'Ivoire
Congo, Dem. Rep.
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
Sierra Leone
South Sudan
East Asia & Pacific (developing only)
Pacific island small states
South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Examining trends in family planning among harder-to-reach women in Senegal 1992-2014.
Cavallaro, F.L. ; Benova, L. ; Macleod, D. ; Faye, A. ; Lynch, C.A. ;
Sci Rep
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Trop Med Int Health
Application of Serological Tools and Spatial Analysis to Investigate Malaria Transmission Dynamics in Highland Areas of Southwest Uganda.
Lynch, C.A.; Cook, J.; Nanyunja, S.; Bruce, J.; Bhasin, A.; Drakeley, C.; Roper, C.; Pearce, R.; Rwakimari, J.B.; Abeku, T.A.; Corran, P.; Cox, J.;
Am J Trop Med Hyg
Taking stock: protocol for evaluating a family planning supply chain intervention in Senegal.
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Reprod Health
Association between recent internal travel and malaria in Ugandan highland and highland fringe areas.
Lynch, C.A.; Bruce, J.; Bhasin, A.; Roper, C.; Cox, J.; Abeku, T.A.;
Trop Med Int Health
Who, What, Where: an analysis of private sector family planning provision in 57 low- and middle-income countries.
Campbell, O.M.; Benova, L.; Macleod, D.; Goodman, C.; Footman, K.; Pereira, A.L.; Lynch, C.A.;
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A stitch in time: a cross-sectional survey looking at long lasting insecticide-treated bed net ownership, utilization and attrition in SNNPR, Ethiopia.
Batisso, E. ; Habte, T. ; Tesfaye, G. ; Getachew, D. ; Tekalegne, A. ; Kilian, A. ; Mpeka, B. ; Lynch, C. ;
Malar J
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