Mr Joshua Lambert

Research Software Engineer

United Kingdom

I am a Research Software Engineer working in the Epiverse-TRACE initiative (within CMMID). My work primarily involves developing R packages to enable epidemiologists to conduct reliable and robust analysis on disease outbreak data.

My background is in evolutionary biology and from 2019-2023 I did my PhD at the University of Groningen.


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Dynamics
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


As a Research Software Engineer I do not have a teaching component in my role at LSHTM. However, I have taught on a variety of topics to date, from evolutionary biology and ecology, to mathematical modelling, to software development including developing R packages.


My interests are in developing intuitive software for the study of infectious disease dynamics.

Selected Publications

LAMBERT, J; Gruson, H; KUCHARSKI, AJ; Tamayo Cuartero, C;
LAMBERT, J; Gruson, H; KUCHARSKI, AJ; Gupte, P; Salmon, M; Campos, AV; Monticone, P;
DAISIEmainland: an R package for simulating an island-mainland system for macroevolution on islands
LAMBERT, J; Santos Neves, P; Etienne, R; Valente, L; Bilderbeek, R;
California Digital Library (CDL)
DAISIEprep: an R package for the extraction and formatting of data for the island biogeography model DAISIE
LAMBERT, J; Roeble, L; Pannetier, T; Etienne, R; Valente, L;
The robustness of a simple dynamic model of island biodiversity to geological and sea‐level change
Santos Neves, P; LAMBERT, JW; Valente, L; Etienne, RS;
Journal of Biogeography
The effect of mainland dynamics on data and parameter estimates in island biogeography
LAMBERT, J; Santos Neves, P; Bilderbeek, RJ C; Valente, L; Etienne, R;
BIN1 recovers tauopathy-induced long-term memory deficits in mice and interacts with Tau through Thr<sup>348</sup> phosphorylation.
Sartori, M; Mendes, T; Desai, S; Lasorsa, A; Herledan, A; Malmanche, N; Mäkinen, P; Marttinen, M; Malki, I; Chapuis, J; Flaig, A; Vreulx, A-C; Ciancia, M; Amouyel, P; Leroux, F; Déprez, B; Cantrelle, F-X; Maréchal, D; Pradier, L; Hiltunen, M; Landrieu, I; Kilinc, D; Herault, Y; Laporte, J; Lambert, J-C; ... LAMBERT, J-C.
Acta neuropathologica
Structural Basis of Tau Interaction With BIN1 and Regulation by Tau Phosphorylation.
Lasorsa, A; Malki, I; Cantrelle, F-X; Merzougui, H; Boll, E; Lambert, J-C; LAMBERT, J-C; Landrieu, I;
Frontiers in molecular neuroscience
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