Marek Lalli


Research Fellow


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

I completed my BSc in Physiology at McGill University in 2009 and came to LSHTM in 2012 to study the MSc Control of Infectious Diseases.

Currently, I am a Research Fellow with the TB Modelling Group where I support the development and implementation of TIME Impact - a modelling tool to guide in-country policy making.

I provide technical assistance to National TB Control Programmes throughout the strategic planning process, by supporting the development and implementation of evidence-based policies for TB control. 

Through dialogue with the country and other domestic/international stakeholders, I model interventions in TIME to generate estimates of epidemiological impact over time at the national level.

I also work with countries to develop action plans on strengthing their national notification system by carrying out assessments of TB surveillance systems and the analyses of surveillance data. 


Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health
Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology


Tuberculosis (TB) Centre


I lead or assist on practical sessions for Modelling and the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases as well as Epidemiology and Control for Communicable Diseases, particularly on the outbreak investigation excerise.


My main interests include strengthening the use of surveillance and other domestic data for programmatic action as well as the use of modelling and epi analysis for evidence-based strategic planning.

I’m also interested in the epidemiology and impact of control measures for air-borne and respiratory infections, with a particular focus on tuberculosis and vaccine-preventable diseases.

Specific interventions of interest include strategies to maximise TB case finding, particularly through strengthening current health services.

Research Area
Infectious disease policy
Public health
Disease control
Global Health
Mathematical modelling
Disease and Health Conditions
East Asia & Pacific (developing only)
Europe & Central Asia (developing only)
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Saving Lives at Birth; development of a retrospective theory of change, impact framework and prioritised metrics.
Lalli M; Ruysen H; Blencowe H; Yee K; Clune K; DeSilva M; Leffler M; Hillman E; El-Noush H; Mulligan J
Globalization and health
What if they don't have tuberculosis? The consequences and trade-offs involved in false-positive diagnoses of tuberculosis.
Houben RMGJ; Lalli M; Kranzer K; Menzies NA; Schumacher SG; Dowdy DW
Clinical infectious diseases
Investigating the impact of TB case-detection strategies and the consequences of false positive diagnosis through mathematical modelling.
Lalli M; Hamilton M; Pretorius C; Pedrazzoli D; White RG; Houben RMGJ
BMC infectious diseases
Catastrophic costs potentially averted by tuberculosis control in India and South Africa: a modelling study.
Verguet S; Riumallo-Herl C; Gomez GB; Menzies NA; Houben RMGJ; Sumner T; Lalli M; White RG; Salomon JA; Cohen T
The Lancet Global health
Cost-effectiveness and resource implications of aggressive action on tuberculosis in China, India, and South Africa: a combined analysis of nine models.
Menzies NA; Gomez GB; Bozzani F; Chatterjee S; Foster N; Baena IG; Laurence YV; Qiang S; Siroka A; Sweeney S
The Lancet Global health
TIME Impact - a new user-friendly tuberculosis (TB) model to inform TB policy decisions.
Houben RM; Lalli M; Sumner T; Hamilton M; Pedrazzoli D; Bonsu F; Hippner P; Pillay Y; Kimerling M; Ahmedov S
BMC medicine
Feasibility of achieving the 2025 WHO global tuberculosis targets in South Africa, China, and India: a combined analysis of 11 mathematical models.
Houben RM; Menzies NA; Sumner T; Huynh GH; Arinaminpathy N; Goldhaber-Fiebert JD; Lin HH; Wu CY; Mandal S; Pandey S
The Lancet Global health
Ebola: the hidden toll of tuberculosis.
Knight GM; Houben RM; Lalli M; White RG
Public health action
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