Dr Erin Lafferty


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Public Engagement Coordinator


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

+44(0)20 7299 4779

As Public Engagement Coordinator for the School, I act as the focal point for public engagement across all Faculties and Departments. In collaboration with the Public Engagement Advisory Group I work to advance a culture of embedded public engagement in research at the School.

I assist members of the School in accessing public engagement funding, organise public engagement activites that staff and students can participate in, such as Festivals and the Young Scientists Programme, provide members of the School with training in public engagement and manage internal and external communications about public engagement.

I was previously a Research Fellow at the School in the Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases and obtained a PhD in immunology from McGill University in Canada. While at McGill, I was also a Coordinator for the McGill University branch of Let's Talk Science, a programme that creates and delivers interactive activities to excite the public about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects.



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Communications & Engagement

Selected Publications

An ENU-induced splicing mutation reveals a role for Unc93b1 in early immune cell activation following influenza A H1N1 infection.
Lafferty, E.I. ; Flaczyk, A. ; Angers, I. ; Homer, R. ; d'Hennezel, E. ; Malo, D. ; Piccirillo, C.A. ; Vidal, S.M. ; Qureshi, S.T. ;
Genes Immun
Systems analysis of a RIG-I agonist inducing broad spectrum inhibition of virus infectivity.
Goulet, M.L. ; Olagnier, D. ; Xu, Z. ; Paz, S. ; Belgnaoui, S.M. ; Lafferty, E.I. ; Janelle, V. ; Arguello, M. ; Paquet, M. ; Ghneim, K. ; Richards, S. ; Smith, A. ; Wilkinson, P. ; Cameron, M. ; Kalinke, U. ; Qureshi, S. ; Lamarre, A. ; Haddad, E.K. ; Sekaly, R.P. ; Peri, S. ; Balachandran, S. ; Lin, R. ; Hiscott, J. ;
PLoS Pathog
Susceptibility to progressive Cryptococcus neoformans pulmonary infection is regulated by loci on mouse chromosomes 1 and 9.
Carroll, S.F. ; Lafferty, E.I. ; Flaczyk, A. ; Fujiwara, T.M. ; Homer, R. ; Morgan, K. ; Loredo-Osti, J.C. ; Qureshi, S.T. ;
Infect Immun
The role of toll-like receptors in acute and chronic lung inflammation.
Lafferty, E.I. ; Qureshi, S.T. ; Schnare, M. ;
J Inflamm (Lond)
Whole blood angiopoietin-1 and -2 levels discriminate cerebral and severe (non-cerebral) malaria from uncomplicated malaria.
Conroy, A.L. ; Lafferty, E.I. ; Lovegrove, F.E. ; Krudsood, S. ; Tangpukdee, N. ; Liles, W.C. ; Kain, K.C. ;
Malar J
Convergence of quantum dot barcodes with microfluidics and signal processing for multiplexed high-throughput infectious disease diagnostics.
Klostranec, J.M. ; Xiang, Q. ; Farcas, G.A. ; Lee, J.A. ; Rhee, A. ; Lafferty, E.I. ; Perrault, S.D. ; Kain, K.C. ; Chan, W.C. ;
Nano Lett
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