Dr Shari Krishnaratne

Assistant Professor

United Kingdom

I am a social scientist and epidemiologist using mixed-methods research and realist evaluation to evaluate public health interventions in sub-Saharan Africa. I currently work on the Plus Project which assesses the impact, operational feasibility, efficacy, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness of Perennial Malaria Chemoprevention given to children up to two years of age in Benin, Cameroon, and Cote d'Ivoire. I have previously worked on studies evaluating nutrition, HIV, family planning, and Covid-19 interventions. My publications contribute evidence on HIV prevention, stigma and HIV, acceptability of family planning, control and containment of COVID-19 and systematic review methods.


Department of Disease Control
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


I teach and supervise students undertaking the Nutrition for Global Health MSc.


I am particularly interested in using process evaluation methods to understand how interventions work, for whom, and in what circumstances, and in understanding if and how context influences the delivery and uptake of public health interventions using realist evaluation methods.
Research Area
Evidence use
Disease and Health Conditions
Cote d'Ivoire
South Africa

Selected Publications

Lessons learnt: Undertaking rapid reviews on public health and social measures during a global pandemic.
Rehfuess, EA; Burns, JB; Pfadenhauer, LM; KRISHNARATNE, S; Littlecott, H; Meerpohl, JJ; Movsisyan, A;
Research Synthesis Methods
Perceptions of quality and the integrated delivery of family planning with childhood immunisation services in Kenya and Uganda.
HAMON, JK; Hoyt, J; KRISHNARATNE, S; Barbra, AA; Morukileng, J; Spilotros, N; Mbembe, M; Marcus, S; WEBSTER, J;
PloS one
"It was my own decision": the transformational shift that influences a woman's decision to use contraceptives covertly.
HOYT, J; HAMON, JK; KRISHNARATNE, S; Houndekon, E; Curry, D; Mbembe, M; Marcus, S; Kambanje, M; Pryor, S; Barbra, AA; Muhumuza, H; Spilotros, N; WEBSTER, J;
BMC Womens Health
Acceptability of family planning in a changing context in Uganda: a realist evaluation at two time points.
KRISHNARATNE, S; Hoyt, J; HAMON, JK; Ariko, AB; Atayo, C; Morukileng, J; Spilotros, N; WEBSTER, J;
BMJ open
Measures implemented in the school setting to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.
KRISHNARATNE, S; Littlecott, H; Sell, K; Burns, J; Rabe, JE; Stratil, JM; Litwin, T; Kreutz, C; Coenen, M; Geffert, K; Boger, AH; Movsisyan, A; Kratzer, S; Klinger, C; Wabnitz, K; Strahwald, B; Verboom, B; Rehfuess, E; Biallas, RL; Jung-Sievers, C; Voss, S; Pfadenhauer, LM;
The Cochrane database of systematic reviews
"As a woman who watches how my family is… I take the difficult decisions": a qualitative study on integrated family planning and childhood immunisation services in five African countries.
HOYT, J; KRISHNARATNE, S; HAMON, JK; Boudarene, L; CHANTLER, T; Demissie, SD; Landegger, J; Moseti, E; Marcus, S; Kambanje, M; Pryor, S; Spilotros, N; Gnintoungbe, M; Curry, D; WEBSTER, J;
Reproductive health
Context-acceptability theories: example of family planning interventions in five African countries.
WEBSTER, J; KRISHNARATNE, S; Hoyt, J; Demissie, SD; Spilotros, N; Landegger, J; Kambanje, M; Pryor, S; Moseti, E; Marcus, S; Gnintoungbe, M; Curry, D; HAMON, JK;
Implementation Science
What mechanisms drive uptake of family planning when integrated with childhood immunisation in Ethiopia? A realist evaluation.
KRISHNARATNE, S; HAMON, JK; Hoyt, J; CHANTLER, T; Landegger, J; Spilotros, N; Demissie, SD; Mohammed, S; WEBSTER, J;
BMC Public Health
Measures implemented in the school setting to contain the COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review.
KRISHNARATNE, S; Pfadenhauer, LM; Coenen, M; Geffert, K; Jung-Sievers, C; Klinger, C; Kratzer, S; Littlecott, H; Movsisyan, A; Rabe, JE; Rehfuess, E; Sell, K; Strahwald, B; Stratil, JM; Voss, S; Wabnitz, K; Burns, J;
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
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