Dr Alison Krentel


Honorary Research Fellow

Keppel Street
United Kingdom

+1 613 983 4863

I studied Art and English at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. In my early career I focused on developing promotional materials to support mass media campaigns for HIV/AIDS in Gabon and Indonesia. From that grew an interest in working with communities and health workers to better understand how to engage them in health programmes. My postgraduate work was completed at LSHTM: a MSc in Public health in developing countries (1999) and a PhD in Public Health in 2007. 


Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
Department of Pathogen Molecular Biology


I am the Module Organiser for Issues in Public Health in the Distance Learning (DL) Masters Programme. Also in the DL programme, I am a tutor for the Health Promotion Practice course, Controlling Communicable Disease course and I supervise student research projects. 


My research interests include how to best facilitate community engagement in the execution of public health programmes, conducting implementation research so as to support health systems in infectious disease control programmes and understanding how best to translate research results into programmatic action. I am also interested in how to mobilise, motivate and support community health volunteers. Specific disease areas include: lymphatic filariasis, leishmaniasis and other NTDs, malaria, HIV/AIDS. 

In collaboration with Universitas Indonesia and Reflecting Society Pty Ltd we tested the use of a health survey using micronarratives (stories) as a means of capturing experiences with health programmes from the perspective of the community member as well as the health worker. Guidelines for use of micronarratives in health research can be found through the NTD Support Center website.  

Recently I was part of a larger community based safety trial coordinated by Washington University in St Louis and the NTD Support Center at the Task Force for Global Health and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Together with national research institutions we ascertained levels of acceptability of a new treatment regimen for lymphatic filariasis in Haiti, India, Indonesia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea amongst community members, community drug distributors and frontline health workers.  

Research Area
Health systems
Public health
Disease control
Global Health
Mixed methods
Implementation research
Qualitative methods
Operational research
Social Sciences
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Lymphatic filariasis
Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)
Cote d'Ivoire
Papua New Guinea
East Asia & Pacific (developing only)
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Improving Coverage and Compliance in Mass Drug Administration for the Elimination of LF in Two 'Endgame' Districts in Indonesia Using Micronarrative Surveys.
Krentel, A. ; Damayanti, R. ; Titaley, C.R. ; Suharno, N. ; Bradley, M. ; Lynam, T. ;
PLoS Negl Trop Dis
Community Attitudes Toward Mass Drug Administration for Control and Elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases After the 2014 Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Lofa County, Liberia.
Bogus, J. ; Gankpala, L. ; Fischer, K. ; Krentel, A. ; Weil, G.J. ; Fischer, P.U. ; Kollie, K. ; Bolay, F.K. ;
Am J Trop Med Hyg
Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis: knowledge, attitudes, and practices among paraguayan communities, patients, and health professionals.
Ruoti, M. ; Oddone, R. ; Lampert, N. ; Orué, E. ; Miles, M.A. ; Alexander, N. ; Rehman, A.M. ; Njord, R. ; Shu, S. ; Brice, S. ; Sinclair, B. ; Krentel, A. ;
J Trop Med
Using knowledge, attitudes and practice (KAP) surveys on lymphatic filariasis to prepare a health promotion campaign for mass drug administration in Alor District, Indonesia
Krentel, A.; Fischer, P.; Manoempil, P.; Supali, T.; Servais, G.; Ruckert, P.
Tropical Medicine & International Health
GTZ in Indonesia: Strengthening health systems through neglected diseases
Krentel, A.
Intensified Control of Neglected Diseases: Report of an International Workshop, Berlin, 10-12 December 2003
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