Dr Artemis Koukounari


Assistant Professor


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

020 79272476

I am a Statistical Epidemiologist and joined LSHTM in April 2018.


Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Centre for Evaluation
Statistical Methodology


Co-supervision of MSc and PhD students.

To date I have contributed to practicals of several LSHTM short courses and MSc modules.

I have also succesfully co-supervised two PhD graduates who used statistical and machine learning methods to respectively improve treatment success in patients with schizophrenia and to quantify determinants and trajectories of healthy ageing. 

I am interested in supervising doctoral students working on evaluation of diagnostics for tropical infectious diseases, data harmonization in cross-national surveys and more broadly students with interest in the study of predictive analytical tools and statistical methods for identifying patterns in data allowing for targeted prevention approaches in infectious diseases and mental disorders.


During my time at LSHTM, I have been investigating and applying optimal statistical methods that can allow synthesizing evidence from different sources explicitly modelling potential biases and attempting to generalize the results for broader populations regarding evaluation of epidemiology and cost-effectiveness of maternal Group B Streptococcus vaccines.

More broadly, I am interested in advancing research on the role of infections in mental health and well being (aiming to improving prospects for prevention and intervention strategies).

With regards to methodological work I also have an ongoing interest on latent variable modeling. In collaboration with various experts, we have employed and demonstrated the use of such methods for evaluation of diagnostics of tropical infectious diseases, data harmonization in cross-national surveys and pooled analysis of individual participant data, longitudinal exploratory mediation as well as evaluation of psychometric properties for scales.

Finally, I am highly interested in estimation and inference of heterogeneous treatment effects and the statistical methods associated to such problems.

Research Area
Statistical methods
Randomised controlled trials
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Mental health

Selected Publications

Two Randomized Trials of the Effect of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine on Pneumococcal Colonization.
Rylance J; de Steenhuijsen Piters WAA; Mina MJ; Bogaert D; French N; Ferreira DM; EHPC-LAIV Study Group
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Transrenal DNA-based diagnosis of Strongyloides stercoralis (Grassi, 1879) infection: Bayesian latent class modeling of test accuracy.
Krolewiecki AJ; Koukounari A; Romano M; Caro RN; Scott AL; Fleitas P; Cimino R; Shiff CJ
PLoS neglected tropical diseases
Pathways from maternal depression to young adult offspring depression: an exploratory longitudinal mediation analysis.
Koukounari A; Stringaris A; Maughan B
International journal of methods in psychiatric research
A latent Markov modelling approach to the evaluation of circulating cathodic antigen strips for schistosomiasis diagnosis pre- and post-praziquantel treatment in Uganda.
Koukounari A; Donnelly CA; Moustaki I; Tukahebwa EM; Kabatereine NB; Wilson S; Webster JP; Deelder AM; Vennervald BJ; van Dam GJ
PLoS computational biology
Using a nonparametric multilevel latent Markov model to evaluate diagnostics for trachoma.
Koukounari A; Moustaki I; Grassly NC; Blake IM; Basáñez M-G; Gambhir M; Mabey DCW; Bailey RL; Burton MJ; Solomon AW
American journal of epidemiology
Relationships between anaemia and parasitic infections in Kenyan schoolchildren: a Bayesian hierarchical modelling approach.
Koukounari A; Estambale BB; Njagi JK; Cundill B; Ajanga A; Crudder C; Otido J; Jukes MC; Clarke SE; Brooker S
International journal for parasitology
Schistosoma haematobium infection and morbidity before and after large-scale administration of praziquantel in Burkina Faso.
Koukounari A; Gabrielli AF; Toure S; Bosque-Oliva E; Zhang Y; Sellin B; Donnelly CA; Fenwick A; Webster JP
The Journal of infectious diseases
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