Louise Knight


Research Fellow

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom




Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation
Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health (MARCH)
Statistical Methodology


Teaching related activities for Basic Epidemiology and Evaluation of Health Programes


My research interests include violence and HIV prevention and treatment in East and South Africa. Previous focus includes reproductive and maternal health, field epidemiology, health information systems and operational research within humanitarian medical organisations. I currently work on violence prevention research relating to children and adolescents in Uganda, Cote d'ivoire and Zanzibar.

Research Area
Clinical trials
Complex interventions
Maternal health
Sexual health
Social and structural determinants of health
Adolescent health
Behaviour change
Impact evaluation
Mixed methods
Implementation research
Randomised controlled trials
Reproductive health
Operational research
Disease and Health Conditions
Mental health
Sexually transmitted infection
Congo, Dem. Rep.
South Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

The Good School Toolkit for reducing physical violence from school staff to primary school students: a cluster-randomised controlled trial in Uganda.
Devries, K.M. ; Knight, L. ; Child, J.C. ; Mirembe, A. ; Nakuti, J. ; Jones, R. ; Sturgess, J. ; Allen, E. ; Kyegombe, N. ; Parkes, J. ; Walakira, E. ; Elbourne, D. ; Watts, C. ; Naker, D. ;
Lancet Glob Health
Need for a global obstetric fistula training strategy.
Rushwan, H. ; Khaddaj, S. ; Knight, L. ; Scott, R. ;
Int J Gynaecol Obstet
Seven-year experience of a primary care antiretroviral treatment programme in Khayelitsha, South Africa.
Boulle, A. ; Van Cutsem, G. ; Hilderbrand, K. ; Cragg, C. ; Abrahams, M. ; Mathee, S. ; Ford, N. ; Knight, L. ; Osler, M. ; Myers, J. ; Goemaere, E. ; Coetzee, D. ; Maartens, G. ;
Are women who work in bars, guesthouses and similar facilities a suitable study population for vaginal microbicide trials in Africa?
Vallely, A.; Hambleton, I.R.; Kasindi, S.; Knight, L.; Francis, S.C.; Chirwa, T.; Everett, D.; Shagi, C.; Cook, C.; Barberousse, C.; Watson-Jones, D.; Changalucha, J.; Ross, D.; Hayes, R.J.; Microbicides Development Programme, .;
PLoS One
Suitability of simple HIV rapid tests in clinical trials in community-based clinic settings.
Everett, D.B.; Baisley, K.; Changalucha, J.; Vallely, A.; Watson-Jones, D.; Cook, C.; Knight, L.; Ross, D.A.; Mugeye, K.; McCormack, S.; Lacey, C.J.; Jentsch, U.; Hayes, R.J.;
J Clin Microbiol
Antiretroviral treatment outcomes from a nurse-driven, community-supported HIV/AIDS treatment programme in rural Lesotho: observational cohort assessment at two years.
Cohen, R. ; Lynch, S. ; Bygrave, H. ; Eggers, E. ; Vlahakis, N. ; Hilderbrand, K. ; Knight, L. ; Pillay, P. ; Saranchuk, P. ; Goemaere, E. ; Makakole, L. ; Ford, N. ;
J Int AIDS Soc
Effect of Herpes Simplex Suppression on Incidence of HIV among Women in Tanzania.
Watson-Jones, D.; Weiss, H.A.; Rusizoka, M.; Changalucha, J.; Baisley, K.; Mugeye, K.; Tanton, C.; Ross, D.; Everett, D.; Clayton, T.; Balira, R.; Knight, L.; Hambleton, I.; Le Goff, J.; Belec, L.; Hayes, R.;
N Engl J Med
Microbicides Development Program, Tanzania-Baseline Characteristics of an Occupational Cohort and Reattendance at 3 Months.
Vallely, A.; Kasindi, S.; Hambleton, I.R.; Knight, L.; Chirwa, T.; Balira, R.; Changalucha, J.; Watson-Jones, D.; Everett, D.; Gavyole, A.; Moyes, J.; Pujades Rodriguez, M.; Ross, D.A.; Hayes, R.J.;
Sex Transm Dis
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