Hannah Knight


Research Degree Student

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom


I completed my undergraduate degree in Human Sciences at the University of Oxford (2005-2008), before taking up a research fellowship at the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology to work on various international maternal health projects, including the INTERGROWTH-21st project. I completed my MSc (by research) in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2011.

I am now studying (part-time) for a PhD within the Department for Health Services Research and Policy under the guidance of Dr David Cromwell and Dr Ipek Gurol-Urganci. My thesis will focus on the development and application of techniques to evaluate the performance and quality of maternity care services in the UK, using linked data from large clinical and administrative databases.

I am primarily based the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), where I am the programme manager for the National Maternity and Perinatal Audit as well as working on various other service evaluation projects in women's health.


Faculty of Public Health and Policy
Department of Health Services Research and Policy


My research interests are in epidemiology and health service evaluation, particularly focusing on the performance and quality of maternity services. I am primarily interested in the determinents of variation in both the processes and outcomes of maternity care in the UK.

I am involved in a number of national studies at the RCOG, including Each Baby Counts and the new National Maternity and Perinatal Audit.

Research Area
Clinical care
Clinical databases
Health outcomes
Health services research
Maternal health
Perinatal health
Quality improvement
Statistical methods
Neonatal health
United Kingdom

Selected Publications

Birth "Out-of-Hours": An Evaluation of Obstetric Practice and Outcome According to the Presence of Senior Obstetricians on the Labour Ward.
Knight, H.E. ; van der Meulen, J.H. ; Gurol-Urganci, I. ; Smith, G.C. ; Kiran, A. ; Thornton, S. ; Richmond, D. ; Cameron, A. ; Cromwell, D.A. ;
PLoS Med
The objectives, design and implementation of the INTERGROWTH-21(st) Project.
Villar, J. ; Altman, D. ; Purwar, M. ; Noble, J. ; Knight, H. ; Ruyan, P. ; Cheikh Ismail, L. ; Barros, F. ; Lambert, A. ; Papageorghiou, A. ; Carvalho, M. ; Jaffer, Y. ; Bertino, E. ; Gravett, M. ; Bhutta, Z. ; Kennedy, S. ; for the International Fetal and Newborn Growth Consortium for the 21st Century (INTERGROWTH-21st), . ;
Evaluating maternity care using national administrative health datasets: How are statistics affected by the quality of data on method of delivery?
Knight, H.E. ; Gurol-Urganci, I. ; Mahmood, T.A. ; Templeton, A. ; Richmond, D. ; van der Meulen, J.H. ; Cromwell, D.A. ;
BMC Health Serv Res
Vaginal birth after caesarean section: a cohort study investigating factors associated with its uptake and success.
Knight, H.E.; Gurol-Urganci, I.; van der Meulen, J.H.; Mahmood, T.A.; Richmond, D.H.; Dougall, A.; Cromwell, D.A.;
Challenges in defining and classifying the preterm birth syndrome.
Kramer, M.S. ; Papageorghiou, A. ; Culhane, J. ; Bhutta, Z. ; Goldenberg, R.L. ; Gravett, M. ; Iams, J.D. ; Conde-Agudelo, A. ; Waller, S. ; Barros, F. ; Knight, H. ; Villar, J. ;
Am J Obstet Gynecol
Conceptual issues related to the construction of prescriptive standards for the evaluation of postnatal growth of preterm infants.
Villar, J. ; Knight, H.E. ; de Onis, M. ; Bertino, E. ; Gilli, G. ; Papageorghiou, A.T. ; Ismail, L.C. ; Barros, F.C. ; Bhutta, Z.A. ; International Fetal and Newborn Growth Consortium (INTERGROWTH-21st), . ;
Arch Dis Child
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