Professor Cecile Knai

PhD MPH RNutr (Public Health)

of Public Health Policy

Room 118

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7958 8155

My first degree was in European history at McGill University, followed by a Master’s degree in public health nutrition at the University of California at Berkeley, and a PhD in public health policy at LSHTM in 2007.

Prior to joining LSHTM I worked at the World Health Organization's Regional Office for Europe (Copenhagen, Denmark), most of which was spent as a technical officer in the food and nutrition unit.


Faculty of Public Health and Policy
Department of Health Services Research and Policy


I co-organise the Fundamental Public Health Nutrition module with Professor Suzanne Filteau.

I also teach on the following modules: Health Promotion Theory, Nutrition-related Chronic Disease, and Nutrition Programme Planning.

I am the Exam Board Chair for the MSc Nutrition for Global Health.


I conduct public health policy research, including on the commercial determinants of health, the impact of voluntary agreements on public health objectives, and conflicts of interest in food and nutrition. For example I was co-PI of a recent study on public health practitioners’ attitudes and practices of taking research funding from corporate sources. I recently established the International Research Alliance on Public Health Governance to conduct cross-disciplinary research on public health policies, including formal and informal mechanisms through which state and non-state actors gain agency and shape relevant policy. One of the group’s first papers has recently been published in Milbank Quarterly on taking a systems perspective to analyse the commercial determinants of health.

I also conduct research on food and nutrition policy and food systems analysis, public health governance, and obesity and inequalities. I am co-PI of a Welcome Trust project on sustainable food systems and involved in a European Commission funded project on systems approaches to addressing adolescent obesity

I provide public health research leadership at the LSHTM Policy Innovation Research Unit, along with Professor Mark Petticrew. Our most recent work includes the evaluation of the “Public Health Responsibility Deal”, a public-private partnership aiming to improve public health in England.

Research Area
Health policy
Public health
Research : policy relationship
Qualitative methods
Policy analysis
Disease and Health Conditions
Chronic disease

Selected Publications

The case for developing a cohesive systems approach to research across unhealthy commodity industries.
Knai C; Petticrew M; Capewell S; Cassidy R; Collin J; Cummins S; Eastmure E; Fafard P; Fitzgerald N; Gilmore AB
BMJ global health
An analysis of how lobbying by the alcohol industry has unravelled the French Evin Law since 1991.
Millot A, Gallopel-Morvin K, Guillou M, Knai C, Maani N, Petticrew M. An analysis of how lobbying by the alcohol industry has unravelled the French Evin Law since 1991.
Millot A; Gallopel-Morvin K; Guillou M; Maani N; Petticrew M; Knai C
Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs
Identifying the views of adolescents in five European countries on the drivers of obesity using group model building.
Savona N; Macauley T; Aguiar A; Banik A; Boberska M; Brock J; Brown A; Hayward J; Holbæk H; Rito AI
European Journal of Public Health
A Photovoice Study to Reveal Community Perceptions of Highly Processed Packaged Foods in India.
Srinivasapura Venkateshmurthy N; Potubariki G; Brown KA; Sharma P; Ganpule-Rao A; Prabhakaran D; Mohan S; Knai C
Ecology of Food and Nutrition
Schools for healthy lives, not for corporate interests.
van Schalkwyk MCI; Knai C; Jackson N; Maani N; Petticrew M
The Lancet. Child & adolescent health
Moving towards sustainable food systems: A review of Indian food policy budgets.
Brown KA; Srinivasapura Venkateshmurthy N; Law C; Harris F; Kadiyala S; Shankar B; Mohan S; Prabhakaran D; Knai C
Global Food Security
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