Mr Patrick Katana

Research Assistant

United Kingdom


Department of Disease Control
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases

Selected Publications

Quantifying long-term health and economic outcomes for survivors of group B Streptococcus invasive disease in infancy: protocol of a multi-country study in Argentina, India, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa.
PAUL, P; PROCTER, SR; Dangor, Z; Bassat, Q; Abubakar, A; Santhanam, S; Libster, R; GONÇALVES, BP; Madhi, SA; Bardají, A; Mwangome, E; Mabrouk, A; John, HB; Sánchez Yanotti, C; CHANDNA, J; Sithole, P; Mucasse, H; KATANA, PV; Koukounari, A; Harden, LM; Aerts, C; Ghoor, A; Leahy, S; Mbatha, S; Lowick, S; ... LAWN, JE.
Gates Open Research
Economic burden and mental health of primary caregivers of perinatally HIV infected adolescents from Kilifi, Kenya.
KATANA, PV; Abubakar, A; Nyongesa, MK; Ssewanyana, D; Mwangi, P; Newton, CR; Jemutai, J;
BMC public health
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