Dr Sheila Harvey

BSc (Hons) MSc PhD

Associate Professor
Clinical and Social Intervention Trials

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

+44 (0)20 7927 2163

I am an epidemiologist with more than 20 years experience in health care research, including HIV prevention, gender-based violence, critical and emergency care, and child health. I have collaborated on, and coordinated, clinical and social intervention trials and other epidemiological studies, in a variety of healthcare settings in both low- and high-income countries. I am currently based in Mwanza in north west Tanzania working on trials evaluating interventions to prevent women’s experience of intimate partner violence and to prevent HIV infection in adolescent girls and young women. 


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation
Maternal, Adolescent, Reproductive & Child Health (MARCH)


I teach on the distance learning MSc in Clinical Trials and in Public Health. I am currently Module Organiser for the Design and Analysis of Epidemiological Studies module on the Clinical Trials MSc.

I am a tutor on the Mwanza Researh Methods Short Course in Tanzania


I am currently working on trials in north west Tanzania including:

MAISHA – a mixed methods study comprising two cluster randomised controlled trials, a qualitative study and process evaluation, and an economic evaluation. The overall aim of MAISHA is to evaluate interventions to prevent women’s experience of intimate partner violence (IPV). The interventions being evaluated are: 1) the incremental impact of adding a 10-session participatory gender training programme to an existing group-based microfinance intervention for women; and 2) the impact of a 10-session participatory gender training programme delivered to women who are not receiving group-based microfinance.

EMPOWER – an implementation science study to evaluate a combination HIV prevention intervention that includes oral PrEP for adolescent girls and young women in South Africa and Tanzania. The overall aim of the study is to assess whether it is feasible, acceptable, and safe to offer oral PrEP as part of a combination HIV prevention package that addresses gender-based violence, stigma and HIV in adolescent girls and young women.

Research Area
Clinical care
Clinical trials
Complex interventions
Public health
Sexual health
Adolescent health
Critical care
Randomised controlled trials
Disease and Health Conditions
Sexually transmitted infection
United Kingdom
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Prevalence of intimate partner violence and abuse and associated factors among women enrolled into a cluster randomised trial in northwestern Tanzania.
Kapiga, S. ; Harvey, S. ; Muhammad, A.K. ; Stöckl, H. ; Mshana, G. ; Hashim, R. ; Hansen, C. ; Lees, S. ; Watts, C. ;
BMC Public Health
Predicting invasive fungal disease due to Candida species in non-neutropenic, critically ill, adult patients in United Kingdom critical care units.
Shahin, J. ; Allen, E.J. ; Patel, K. ; Muskett, H. ; Harvey, S.E. ; Edgeworth, J. ; Kibbler, C.C. ; Barnes, R.A. ; Biswas, S. ; Soni, N. ; Rowan, K.M. ; Harrison, D.A. ; FIRE Study Investigators, . ;
BMC Infect Dis
National survey and point prevalence study of sedation practice in UK critical care.
Richards-Belle, A. ; Canter, R.R. ; Power, G.S. ; Robinson, E.J. ; Reschreiter, H. ; Wunsch, H. ; Harvey, S.E. ;
Crit Care
Trial of the route of early nutritional support in critically ill adults.
Harvey, S.E. ; Segaran, E. ; Leonard, R. ;
N Engl J Med
Protocolised Management In Sepsis (ProMISe): a multicentre randomised controlled trial of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of early, goal-directed, protocolised resuscitation for emerging septic shock.
Mouncey, P.R. ; Osborn, T.M. ; Power, G.S. ; Harrison, D.A. ; Sadique, M.Z. ; Grieve, R.D. ; Jahan, R. ; Tan, J.C. ; Harvey, S.E. ; Bell, D. ; Bion, J.F. ; Coats, T.J. ; Singer, M. ; Young, J.D. ; Rowan, K.M. ;
Health Technol Assess
Using clinical databases to evaluate healthcare interventions.
Harvey, S.; Rowan, K.; Harrison, D.; Black, N.;
Int J Technol Assess Health Care
Effectiveness of bereavement interventions in neonatal intensive care: A review of the evidence.
Harvey, S.; Snowdon, C.; Elbourne, D.;
Semin Fetal Neonatal Med
Systematic review and evaluation of physiological track and trigger warning systems for identifying at-risk patients on the ward
Gao, H. Y.; McDonnell, A.; Harrison, D. A.; Moore, T.; Adam, S.; Daly, K.; Esmonde, L.; Goldhill, D. R.; Parry, G. J.; Rashidian, A.; Subbe, C. P.; Harvey, S.
Intensive Care Medicine
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