Dr Emma Harding-Esch

BA(Hons) MPhil MSc PhD

Associate Professor


Keppel Street
United Kingdom

020 7612 7982

I am an epidemiologist, with a focus on neglected tropical diseases (primarily trachoma) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 

I obtained both my MSc (Control of Infectious Diseases) and PhD ("Trachoma control and elimination: Field studies in The Gambia and Senegal") from LSHTM, and led the field studies for the Partnership for the Rapid Elimination of Trachoma (PRET) trial in The Gambia. I also have experience of infectious disease surveillance, having been the Senior Enhanced Surveillance Scientist for CJD at Public Health England, and then a Principal Scientist in PHE's HIV/STI department. I was Senior Trials Coordinator for the eSTI2 Consortium, led by St George's, University of London, and subsequently the Programme Manager and Epidemiology Lead for the Applied Diagnostic Research and Evaluation Unit (ADREU -, where I conducted several diagnostic evaluations to assess the performance, clinical and public health impacts of novel diagnostic technologies for STIs.

I returned to LSHTM in November 2017 as an Associate Professor and Chief Scientist for Tropical Data (, supporting national programmes to collect scientifically robust and standardised neglected tropical disease prevalence data, allowing interventions for disease elimination to be targeted and prioritised. 


Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases
Department of Clinical Research


Antimicrobial Resistance Centre


I am Deputy Module Organiser for the Distance Learning module: Control of Infectious Diseases.

I also lecture on trachoma, am a facilitator on the Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections module, and supervise MSc summer projects.


Research Area
Clinical care
Drug resistance
Economic evaluation
Health services research
Sexual health
Disease control
Global Health
Mixed methods
Mobile technologies
Implementation research
Health economics
Molecular epidemiology
GIS/Spatial analysis
Operational research
Social Sciences
Disease and Health Conditions
Infectious disease
Sexually transmitted disease
Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs)
Sexually transmitted infection
Tropical diseases

Selected Publications

Costs of Testing for Ocular Chlamydia trachomatis Infection Compared to Mass Drug Administration for Trachoma in The Gambia: Application of Results from the PRET Study.
Harding-Esch, E. ; Jofre-Bonet, M. ; Dhanjal, J.K. ; Burr, S. ; Edwards, T. ; Holland, M. ; Sillah, A. ; West, S. ; Lietman, T. ; Keenan, J. ; Mabey, D. ; Bailey, R. ;
PLoS Negl Trop Dis
Diagnostic Accuracy of a Prototype Point-of-Care Test for Ocular Chlamydia trachomatis under Field Conditions in The Gambia and Senegal.
Harding-Esch, E.M. ; Holland, M.J. ; Schémann, J.F. ; Molina, S. ; Sarr, I. ; Andreasen, A.A. ; Roberts, C.H. ; Sillah, A. ; Sarr, B. ; Harding, E.F. ; Edwards, T. ; Bailey, R.L. ; Mabey, D.C. ;
PLoS Negl Trop Dis
Epidemiology and control of trachoma: systematic review.
Hu, V.H.; Harding-Esch, E.M.; Burton, M.J.; Bailey, R.L.; Kadimpeul, J.; Mabey, D.C.;
Trop Med Int Health
Trachoma Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors in The Gambia and Tanzania: Baseline Results of a Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial.
Harding-Esch, E.M.; Edwards, T.; Mkocha, H.; Munoz, B.; Holland, M.J.; Burr, S.E.; Sillah, A.; Gaydos, C.A.; Stare, D.; Mabey, D.C.; Bailey, R.L.; West, S.K.; for the PRET Partnership, .;
PLoS Negl Trop Dis
Active trachoma and ocular Chlamydia trachomatis infection in two Gambian regions: on course for elimination by 2020?
Harding-Esch, E.M.; Edwards, T.; Sillah, A.; Sarr, I.; Roberts, C.H.; Snell, P.; Aryee, E.; Molina, S.; Holland, M.J.; Mabey, D.C.; Bailey, R.L.;
PLoS Negl Trop Dis
Two doses of azithromycin to eliminate trachoma in a Tanzanian community.
Solomon, A.W. ; Harding-Esch, E. ; Alexander, N.D. ; Aguirre, A. ; Holland, M.J. ; Bailey, R.L. ; Foster, A. ; Mabey, D.C. ; Massae, P.A. ; Courtright, P. ; Shao, J.F. ;
N Engl J Med
Risk factors for active trachoma in The Gambia.
Harding-Esch, E.M.; Edwards, T.; Sillah, A.; Sarr-Sissoho, I.; Aryee, E.A.; Snell, P.; Holland, M.J.; Mabey, D.C.; Bailey, R.L.;
Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg
Impact of Mass Azithromycin Treatment on the Prevalence of Active Trachoma and Ocular Chlamydia Trachomatis in the Gambia
Harding-Esch, E.; Holland, M.J.; Sillah, A.; Molina, S.; Aguirre-Andreasen, A.; Snell, P.; Edwards, T.; Bailey, R.L.; Mabey, D.C.
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
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