Ms Sali Hafez

Research Student - DrPH - Public Health & Policy

United Kingdom


Department of Health Services Research and Policy
Faculty of Public Health and Policy

Selected Publications

Examining the gender imbalance in the National Community Health Assistant Programme in Liberia: a qualitative analysis of policy and Programme implementation.
HAFEZ, S; MUNYATI, BM; Zeno, K; Gbozee, CK Z; Jusu, M; Reeves, MS; Wesseh, CS; Wiah, SO; AlKhaldi, M; Johnson, K; Subah, M;
Health policy and planning
Strengthening health systems and peacebuilding through women's leadership: a qualitative study.
Meagher, K; Khaity, M; HAFEZ, S; Rodo, M; Achi, NE; Patel, P;
Globalization and health
Stakeholders' Perception of the Palestinian Health Workforce Accreditation and Regulation System: A Focus on Conceptualization, Influencing Factors and Barriers, and the Way Forward.
Najjar, S; HAFEZ, S; Al Basuoni, A; Obaid, HA; Mughnnamin, I; Falana, H; Sultan, H; Aljeesh, Y; Alkhaldi, M;
International journal of environmental research and public health
National health workforce accreditation and regulation in Palestine: a qualitative assessment
AlKhaldi, M; Najjar, S; Al Basuoni, A; Abu Obaid, H; Mughnnamin, I; Falana, H; Sultan, H; HAFEZ, S; Aljeesh, Y;
The Lancet
Drivers and consequences of child marriage in a context of protracted displacement: a qualitative study among Syrian refugees in Egypt
Elnakib, S; Hussein, SA; HAFEZ, S; Elsallab, M; Hunersen, K; Metzler, J; Robinson, WC;
BMC public health
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