Dr Lorna Guinness


United Kingdom

I am a Health Economist with over twenty years of experience in low- and middle-income settings. I have worked within international funding agencies, as a consultant and in academia carrying out research, policy advice and training in economic evaluation, efficiency and equity analyses in low income countries both in Africa and Asia.


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation
Global Health Economics Centre


I am a distance learning tutor responsible for course design and delivery across modules in Introduction to Health Economics, Economic Evaluation and Impact Evaluation. I have developed a number of short courses on the economics and financing of health care for different funding agencies including UNICEF, DfID, the British Council, UNAIDS and AusAID. I supervise PhD students in the area of economic evaluation of healthcare programmes in low and middle income countries with a specific interest in cost estimation. I sit on the steering committee of the LSHTM Global Health Leadership course and Global Health Costing Consortium.

Selected Publications

Cost of scaling-up comprehensive primary health care in India: Implications for universal health coverage.
Singh, D; Prinja, S; Bahuguna, P; Chauhan, AS; GUINNESS, L; Sharma, S; Lakshmi, PV M;
Process evaluation of health system costing - Experience from CHSI study in India.
Prinja, S; Brar, S; SINGH, MP; Rajsekhar, K; Sachin, O; Naik, J; Singh, M; Tomar, H; CHSI Study Collaborating Investigators,; Bahuguna, P; GUINNESS, L;
PloS one
Examining Approaches to Estimate the Prevalence of Catastrophic Costs Due to Tuberculosis from Small-Scale Studies in South Africa.
SWEENEY, S; VASSALL, A; GUINNESS, L; Siapka, M; Chimbindi, N; Mudzengi, D; Gomez, GB;
Estimating the Unit Costs of Healthcare Service Delivery in India: Addressing Information Gaps for Price Setting and Health Technology Assessment.
Bahuguna, P; GUINNESS, L; Sharma, S; Chauhan, AS; Downey, L; Prinja, S;
Applied health economics and health policy
National hospital costing systems matter for universal healthcare: the India PM-JAY experience
Prinja, S; Chugh, Y; Garg, B; GUINNESS, L;
BMJ global health
Hospital care for critical illness in low-resource settings: lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic
English, M; Oliwa, J; Khalid, K; Onyango, O; Willows, TM; Mazhar, R; Mkumbo, E; GUINNESS, L; Schell, CO; Baker, T; McKnight, J;
BMJ global health
Refining the provider payment system of India's government-funded health insurance programme: an econometric analysis.
Prinja, S; Bahuguna, P; SINGH, MP; GUINNESS, L; Goyal, A; Aggarwal, V;
BMJ open
Cost Effectiveness of Strategies for Caring for Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 in Tanzania.
Shah, HA; Baker, T; Schell, CO; Kuwawenaruwa, A; Awadh, K; Khalid, K; Kairu, A; Were, V; Barasa, E; Baker, P; GUINNESS, L;
PharmacoEconomics - open
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