Judith Green


Honorary Professor
of Sociology of Health

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

I am a medical sociologist, with degrees in anthropology and medical sociology. Before joining LSHTM in 1996, I held posts at South Bank University, the Department of General Practice and Primary Care at UMDS (Guy's), where I completed a PhD on the sociology of accidents, and the Department of General Practice at King's College School of Medicine. I currently co-edit Critical Public Health, an international peer-reviewed journal which publishes a broad range of critical research and commentary on and for public health. I am currently based at King's College London Division of Health & Social Care Research, with an honorary appointment at LSHTM.


Department of Health Services Research and Policy
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation
History in Public Health


My main teaching responsibility was to develop capacity in qualitative approaches to health research for students at LSHTM, research colleagues and collaborators. I contributed to several in-house modules (inlcuding Principles of Social Research, Qualitative Methodologies and Sociology of Health), co-edited (with John Browne) the DBL text-book Principles of Social Research and run training workshops in qualitative methodologies. I co-author, with Nicki Thorogood, Qualitative Methods for Health Research (Sage, 2014), a textbook primarily for health professionals using qualitative methods.


I have broad research interests in the sociology of health and illness and in methodology. I have published widely on risk, professions, health services organisation and, more recently, on the sociology of mobility. I am a member of the Kriticos network of social scientists at LSHTM.

On methodology, my recent work has been orientated to developing robust ways of evaluating the social and public health impacts of interventions which maximise validity through the appropriate use of social research methods. This includes using sociological work on mobilities to shed light on public health issues arising from transport policies and choices, as part of the multi-disciplinary transport and health group.  

PhD students working with me are researching a range of topics in the sociology of health, including: decisions to take statins (Louisa Polak), transport and social inclusion (Philip Corran), ethnographic research on dengue management (Alexandra Wharton-Smith) and the role of narratives in post-trauma Rwanda (Yuko Otake).

I have no further capacity to supervise research degree students at the moment.

Research Area
Health services research
Public health
Public understanding
Qualitative methods
Disease and Health Conditions

Selected Publications

Integrating quasi-experimental and inductive designs in evaluation: A case study of the impact of free bus travel on public health
Green, J.; Roberts, H.; Petticrew, M.; Steinbach, R.; Goodman, A.; Jones, A.; Edwards, P.
Trust in health care encounters and systems: a case study of British pensioners living in Spain.
Legido-Quigley, H. ; McKee, M. ; Green, J. ;
Sociol Health Illn
Addressing the challenges of improving primary care quality in Uzbekistan: a qualitative study of Chronic Heart Failure management.
Ahmedov, M. ; Green, J. ; Azimov, R. ; Avezova, G. ; Inakov, S. ; Mamatkulov, B. ;
Health Policy Plan
The Travelling Citizen: Emergent Discourses of Moral Mobility in a Study of Cycling in London
Green, J.; Steinbach, R.; Datta, J.
Sociology-the Journal of the British Sociological Association
Modernisation as a professionalising strategy: the case of critical care in England.
Green, J.; Durand, M.A.; Hutchings, A.; Black, N.;
Sociol Health Illn
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