Miss Anna Goodman

Assistant Professor

United Kingdom

My research centres around evaluating the health and environmental impacts of sustainable transport interventions. A particular research interest of mine is the potential to use primary, secondary or register-based data to evaluate population-level interventions, including through natural experimental designs.


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Centre for Data and Statistical Science for Health
Centre for Evaluation
Centre for Maternal Adolescent Reproductive & Child Health

Selected Publications

Latent class trajectories of socioeconomic position over four time points and mortality: the Uppsala Birth Cohort Study.
Hossin, MZ; Heshmati, A; Koupil, I; GOODMAN, A; Mishra, GD;
European journal of public health
Equity in new active travel infrastructure: A spatial analysis of London's new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods
Aldred, R; Verlinghieri, E; Sharkey, M; Itova, I; GOODMAN, A;
Journal of Transport Geography
Health, environmental and distributional impacts of cycling uptake: The model underlying the Propensity to Cycle tool for England and Wales
Woodcock, J; Aldred, R; Lovelace, R; Strain, T; GOODMAN, A;
Journal of Transport & Health
Cycling behaviour in 17 countries across 6 continents: levels of cycling, who cycles, for what purpose, and how far?
Goel, R; GOODMAN, A; Aldred, R; Nakamura, R; Tatah, L; Garcia, LM T; Zapata-Diomedi, B; De Sa, TH; Tiwari, G; De Nazelle, A; Tainio, M; Buehler, R; Götschi, T; Woodcock, J;
Transport Reviews
Cycling injury risk in Britain: A case-crossover study of infrastructural and route environment correlates.
Kapousizis, G; GOODMAN, A; Aldred, R;
Accident; analysis and prevention
Low traffic neighbourhoods and population health.
Laverty, AA; GOODMAN, A; Aldred, R;
BMJ (Clinical research ed.)
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