Dr Gabriela Gomez


Associate Professor
Economics of Infectious Diseases

Keppel Street
United Kingdom

Gabriela has over ten years’ experience of research experience in economic and impact evaluation of new technologies, most of it in infectious diseases such as HIV and TB. She works closely with policy and decision makers globally and in-country (Brazil, Peru, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Kenya, India, Bangladesh, and China). Her research focuses on the inclusion of economic methods in infectious disease modelling to inform policy and better practice. She obtained her first degree in Biochemistry followed by a MPH at the University of Montpellier, France. After working in Tunisia and South London on projects looking at disease prevalence and prevention programmes tailored to ethnic minorities, she obtained her PhD at Imperial College on STD prevention and control in sex worker populations in Peru. From 2011 to 2016, she led operational research projects evaluating prevention programs for key populations in sub-Saharan Africa. These programs include HIV prevention for truck drivers and sex workers in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa; cardiovascular disease prevention in slums in Kenya and rural Nigeria; expansion of antiretroviral services (PrEP and immediate treatment) for female sex workers in South Africa, and ante-natal care interventions in rural Nigeria. In 2017, she joined the School and the Social and Mathematical Epidemiology Group. She is a member of the TB-MAC modelling consortium and serves on the steering committee of the Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases. She leads research on the inclusion of equity cosiderations in transmission modelling to inform priority setting. She plays an active role in the organization of global conferences (International AIDS Society, International Health Economics Association and UNION (TB) Conferences).


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases
Tuberculosis (TB) Centre


My research interests include equity analysis using transmission models and economic evaluations of the scale-up of new/shortened/re-purposed regimens for first line or MDR treatment of TB, and, more broadly, the use of cost data and transmission models in economic evaluations. I am a member of the TB Modelling and Analysis Consortium (TB MAC) and the Global Health Cost Consortium. 

Research Area
Complex interventions
Decision analysis
Economic evaluation
Health inequalities
Infectious disease policy
Public health
Systematic reviews
Disease control
Global Health
Implementation research
Health economics
Disease and Health Conditions
Sexually transmitted disease
Sexually transmitted infection
South Africa
East Asia & Pacific (developing only)
Europe & Central Asia (all income levels)
Latin America & Caribbean (all income levels)
South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa (all income levels)

Selected Publications

Economic evaluation of TB screening programmes in migrants: need for a comprehensive framework.
Gomez, G.B. ; Rupert, S. ; Houben, R.M.G.J. ;
Int J Tuberc Lung Dis
Catastrophic costs potentially averted by tuberculosis control in India and South Africa: a modelling study.
Verguet, S. ; Riumallo-Herl, C. ; Gomez, G.B. ; Menzies, N.A. ; Houben, R.M.G.J. ; Sumner, T. ; Lalli, M. ; White, R.G. ; Salomon, J.A. ; Cohen, T. ; Foster, N. ; Chatterjee, S. ; Sweeney, S. ; Baena, I.G. ; Lönnroth, K. ; Weil, D.E. ; Vassall, A. ;
Lancet Glob Health
HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis and early antiretroviral treatment among female sex workers in South Africa: Results from a prospective observational demonstration project.
Eakle, R. ; Gomez, G.B. ; Naicker, N. ; Bothma, R. ; Mbogua, J. ; Cabrera Escobar, M.A. ; Saayman, E. ; Moorhouse, M. ; Venter, W.D.F. ; Rees, H. ; TAPS Demonstration Project Team, . ;
PLoS Med
Incorporating Demand and Supply Constraints into Economic Evaluations in Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries.
Vassall, A. ; Mangham-Jefferies, L. ; Gomez, G.B. ; Pitt, C. ; Foster, N. ;
Health Econ
Cost-effectiveness and resource implications of aggressive action on tuberculosis in China, India, and South Africa: a combined analysis of nine models.
Menzies, N.A. ; Gomez, G.B. ; Bozzani, F. ; Chatterjee, S. ; Foster, N. ; Baena, I.G. ; Laurence, Y.V. ; Qiang, S. ; Siroka, A. ; Sweeney, S. ; Verguet, S. ; Arinaminpathy, N. ; Azman, A.S. ; Bendavid, E. ; Chang, S.T. ; Cohen, T. ; Denholm, J.T. ; Dowdy, D.W. ; Eckhoff, P.A. ; Goldhaber-Fiebert, J.D. ; Handel, A. ; Huynh, G.H. ; Lalli, M. ; Lin, H.H. ; Mandal, S. ; McBryde, E.S. ; Pandey, S. ; Salomon, J.A. ; Suen, S.C. ; Sumner, T. ; Trauer, J.M. ; Wagner, B.G. ; Whalen, C.C. ; Wu, C.Y. ; Boccia, D. ; Chadha, V.K. ; Charalambous, S. ; Chin, D.P. ; Churchyard, G. ; Daniels, C. ; Dewan, P. ; Ditiu, L. ; Eaton, J.W. ; Grant, A.D. ; Hippner, P. ; Hosseini, M. ; Mametja, D. ; Pretorius, C. ; Pillay, Y. ; Rade, K. ; Sahu, S. ; Wang, L. ; Houben, R.M. ; Kimerling, M.E. ; White, R.G. ; Vassall, A. ;
Lancet Glob Health
Availability, price and affordability of anti-tuberculosis drugs in Europe: A TBNET survey.
Günther, G. ; Gomez, G.B. ; Lange, C. ; Rupert, S. ; van Leth, F. ; on behalf of the TBNET, . ;
Eur Respir J
Untreated maternal syphilis and adverse outcomes of pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Gomez, G.B. ; Kamb, M.L. ; Newman, L.M. ; Mark, J. ; Broutet, N. ; Hawkes, S.J. ;
Bull World Health Organ
The Cost and Impact of Scaling Up Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention: A Systematic Review of Cost-Effectiveness Modelling Studies.
Gomez, G.B. ; Borquez, A. ; Case, K.K. ; Wheelock, A. ; Vassall, A. ; Hankins, C. ;
PLoS Med
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