Dr Manuel Gomes


Assistant Professor
of Health Economics and MRC Early Career Fellow in Economics of Health

Room 142

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 207 927 2507

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After graduating with a first degree in Economics, I completed a MSc in Economics at the University of Porto, a MSc in Health Economics at the University of York, and a PhD in Health Economics at the LSHTM. My PhD thesis considered alternative statistical methods for cost-effectiveness analysis that use cluster randomised trials. I have recently been awarded a MRC Early Career Fellowship on developing appropriate methods for addressing missing data in health economic evaluation, particularly, when data are hierarchical, non-randomised and missing not at random. Full list of publications here.


Faculty of Public Health and Policy
Department of Health Services Research and Policy


I'm a seminar leader on MSc teaching modules: Introduction to Health Economics and Economic Evaluation.


My main research interests lie in the development and application of statistical methods for the analysis of health outcomes, cost and cost-effectiveness data.



1. MRC-funded research project on improving statistical methods for cost-effectiveness analyses that use cluster trials.

2. MRC Early Career Fellowship on developing appropriate methods for the analysis of missing data in health economic evaluation.


1. Comparison of endovascular repair versus open surgery for emergency patients with ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (IMPROVE).

2. Risk adjustment in neurocritical care (RAIN) to evaluate the costs and outcomes of alternative ways of delivering care to patients with traumatic brain injury.

3. Economic aspects of UK Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs).

4. Development of a decision-analytical model to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of alternative risk prediction models for prevention programmes (FIRE).


Research Area
Economic evaluation
Health technology assessment
Statistical methods
Disease and Health Conditions
Cardiovascular disease
Non-communicable diseases
United Kingdom
European Union

Selected Publications

Endovascular or open repair strategy for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm: 30 day outcomes from IMPROVE randomised trial
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Risk Adjustment In Neurocritical care (RAIN) - prospective validation of risk prediction models for adult patients with acute traumatic brain injury to use to evaluate the optimum location and comparative costs of neurocritical care: a cohort study
Harrison, D. A.; Prabhu, G.; Grieve, R.; Harvey, S. E.; Sadique, M. Z.; Gomes, M.; Griggs, K. A.; Walmsley, E.; Smith, M.; Yeoman, P.; Lecky, F. E.; Hutchinson, P. J. A.; Menon, D. K.; Rowan, K. M.
Health Technology Assessment
Developing Appropriate Methods for Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Cluster Randomized Trials.
Gomes, M.; Ng, E.S.; Grieve, R.; Nixon, R.; Carpenter, J.; Thompson, S.G.;
Med Decis Making
Gomes, M.; Grieve, R.; Nixon, R.; Ng, E.S.; Carpenter, J.; Thompson, S.G.;
Health Econ
Cost-effectiveness analysis of general anaesthesia versus local anaesthesia for carotid surgery (GALA Trial).
Gomes, M. ; Soares, M.O. ; Dumville, J.C. ; Lewis, S.C. ; Torgerson, D.J. ; Bodenham, A.R. ; Gough, M.J. ; Warlow, C.P. ; GALA Collaborative Group, . ;
Br J Surg
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