Dr Alec Fraser


Research Fellow


15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom


I joined the department in September 2014 as a Research Fellow in the Policy Innovation Research Unit. Prior to this I spent five years in the Department of Management at King's College London as a Research Associate and Teaching Fellow before which I spent seven years working in NHS administration and management. I have a BA in History and Spanish from the University of Exeter, as well as an MA in Public Policy and a PhD in Management both from from King's College London. 


Department of Health Services Research and Policy
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


History in Public Health


My main teaching interests concern Health Policy and Management. I am Co-Module Organiser on Health Policy, Process and Power and Co-Module Organiser on Health Services Management. 


My current research project through the PIRU focuses on the implementation and evaluation of Social Impact Bonds in health and social care. My broader concerns relate to Evidence Based Policy and Knowledge Transfer, strategic level change in health care, and the ways in which policy changes impact upon both professionals and managers working across health care systems.

Research Area
Health care policy
Health services research
Implementation research
Policy analysis
Social Sciences
Social Policy
European Union

Selected Publications

The roles of specialisation and evidence-based practice in inter-professional jurisdictions: A qualitative study of stroke services in England, Sweden and Poland.
Baeza, J.I. ; Boaz, A. ; Fraser, A. ; European Implementation Score (EIS) Collaborative Group, . ;
Soc Sci Med
Narratives of Promise, Narratives of Caution: A Review of the Literature on Social Impact Bonds
Fraser, A.; Tan, S.; Lagarde, M.; Mays, N.
Social Policy & Administration
Methods of Implementation of Evidence-Based Stroke Care in Europe: European Implementation Score Collaboration.
Di Carlo, A. ; Pezzella, F.R. ; Fraser, A. ; Bovis, F. ; Baeza, J. ; McKevitt, C. ; Boaz, A. ; Heuschmann, P. ; Wolfe, C.D. ; Inzitari, D. ; European Implementation Score Collaboration Study Group, . ; COLLABORATORS;Thijs, V. ; Rudd, A. ; Boaz, A. ; Giroud, M. ; Bejot, Y. ; Wiedmann, S. ; Hermanek, P. ; Wagner, M. ; Baldereschi, M. ; Lamassa, M. ; Romani, I. ; Nencini, P. ; Rastenyte, D. ; Ryglewicz, D. ; Czlonkowska, A. ; Niewada, M. ; Dennis, M. ; Gallofré, M. ; Abilleira, S. ; Masjuan, J. ; Norrving, B. ; Asplund, K. ;
The importance of normative integration in stroke services: case study evidence from Sweden and England
Baeza, J.I.; Boaz, A.; Fraser, A.; Fulop, N.; McKevitt, C.; Wolfe, C.; European Implementation Score (EIS) Collaborative Group, .;
Health Services Management Research
Why, for once, is the UK leading the way in implementing evidence?
Fraser, A.; Rudd, A.
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry
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