Deborah DiLiberto


Research Degree Student

Keppel Street
United Kingdom

I am an interdisciplinary researcher with interests in the design and evaluation of health services interventions in low-income settings.  I completed my PhD at LSHTM in 2017 working across the Department of Medical Statistics and the Department of Global Health & Development (Anthropology, Politics and Policy Group).

After completing an MSc in Public Health in Developing Countries at LSHTM, I worked as a Research Fellow on two malaria studies administered through the ACT Consortium, an international research collaboration aiming to answer key questions on malaria drug delivery in Africa and Asia.  I have also worked for the ACT Consortium Core Science Team contributing to the creation of guidelines on the development and evaluation of health service interventions in low resource countries. More details on this work can be found on the ACT Consortium website.

I have a professional background in large-scale project development and management having worked as a project & policy manager for both the Government of Ontario, Canada, and the National Health Services, UK. 


Department of Global Health and Development
Department of Medical Statistics


Centre for Evaluation
Malaria Centre


At LSHTM, I taught on the MSc modules Evaluation of Public Health Intervnetions and Epidemiology & Control of Malaria at LSHTM.  I also taught on the Research Methods Course and the Global Health Summer School at the King's Centre for Global Health, King's College London.


My multidisciplinary PhD research focused on the practices of designing and evaluating complex interventions drawing on the analysis of PRIME, a health service intervention to improve care for malaria in Uganda. Underpinned by social theory, my research employed statistical and anthropological methodologies to demonstrate and interrogate constructions of intervention effect and change processes.  Highlighting the decision-making that often goes unremarked when designing and evaluating complex interventions, my research argued for increased recognition of such practices as central to the evidence generated and its transferability across contexts.  The work proposed recommendations for complex intervention research and approaches for generating evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of health service interventions in a global health context.

My PhD was funded by the Economic & Social Research Council through the Bloomsbury Doctoral Training Centre.

In September 2014, I presented my research to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Malaria & Neglected Tropical Diseases (APPMG) at Westminster.  Click for a news brief on my presentation.

Research Area
Complex interventions
Health services research
Statistical methods
Health workers
Behaviour change
Global Health
Impact evaluation
Mixed methods
Implementation research
Qualitative methods
Randomised controlled trials
Operational research
Social Sciences
Disease and Health Conditions
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Improving prescribing practices with rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs): synthesis of 10 studies to explore reasons for variation in malaria RDT uptake and adherence.
Burchett, H.E. ; Leurent, B. ; Baiden, F. ; Baltzell, K. ; Björkman, A. ; Bruxvoort, K. ; Clarke, S. ; DiLiberto, D. ; Elfving, K. ; Goodman, C. ; Hopkins, H. ; Lal, S. ; Liverani, M. ; Magnussen, P. ; Mårtensson, A. ; Mbacham, W. ; Mbonye, A. ; Onwujekwe, O. ; Roth Allen, D. ; Shakely, D. ; Staedke, S. ; Vestergaard, L.S. ; Whitty, C.J. ; Wiseman, V. ; Chandler, C.I. ;
BMJ Open
Community case management of malaria: exploring support, capacity and motivation of community medicine distributors in Uganda.
Banek, K.; Nankabirwa, J.; Maiteki-Sebuguzi, C.; DiLiberto, D.; Taaka, L.; Chandler, C.I.; Staedke, S.G.;
Health Policy Plan
Behind the scenes of the PRIME intervention: designing a complex intervention to improve malaria care at public health centres in Uganda.
DiLiberto, D.D. ; Staedke, S.G. ; Nankya, F. ; Maiteki-Sebuguzi, C. ; Taaka, L. ; Nayiga, S. ; Kamya, M.R. ; Haaland, A. ; Chandler, C.I. ;
Glob Health Action
The practice of 'doing' evaluation: lessons learned from nine complex intervention trials in action.
Reynolds, J. ; DiLiberto, D. ; Mangham-Jefferies, L. ; Ansah, E.K. ; Lal, S. ; Mbakilwa, H. ; Bruxvoort, K. ; Webster, J. ; Vestergaard, L.S. ; Yeung, S. ; Leslie, T. ; Hutchinson, E. ; Reyburn, H. ; Lalloo, D.G. ; Schellenberg, D. ; Cundill, B. ; Staedke, S.G. ; Wiseman, V. ; Goodman, C. ; Chandler, C.I. ;
Implement Sci
Strengthening patient-centred communication in rural Ugandan health centres: A theory-driven evaluation within a cluster randomized trial.
Nayiga, S. ; DiLiberto, D. ; Taaka, L. ; Nabirye, C. ; Haaland, A. ; Staedke, S.G. ; Chandler, C.I. ;
Evaluation (Lond)
Aspirations for quality health care in Uganda: How do we get there?
Chandler, C.I. ; Kizito, J. ; Taaka, L. ; Nabirye, C. ; Kayendeke, M. ; Diliberto, D. ; Staedke, S.G. ;
Hum Resour Health
The PROCESS study: a protocol to evaluate the implementation, mechanisms of effect and context of an intervention to enhance public health centres in Tororo, Uganda.
Chandler, C.I. ; Diliberto, D. ; Nayiga, S. ; Taaka, L. ; Nabirye, C. ; Kayendeke, M. ; Hutchinson, E. ; Kizito, J. ; Maiteki-Sebuguzi, C. ; Kamya, M.R. ; Staedke, S.G. ;
Implement Sci
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