Dr Chiara DiGirolamo


Distance Learning Tutor

Keppel Street
United Kingdom


I obtained my degree in Medicine and Surgery in 2008 and my specialisation in Public Health in 2014 from the University of Bologna (Italy).

During my specialty training programme my research focussed on neglected tropical diseases among immigrant populations in Italy and on socio-economic inequalities in mortality and access to health care in an Italian census cohort.

I completed a Master in Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in 2015 and subsequently I worked in the Cancer Survival Group LSHTM as a Research Fellow until 2017.

I am currently enrolled in a PhD programme at the University of Bologna (Italy).


Department of Non-communicable Disease Epidemiology


I have tought in the Design and Analysis of Epidemiological studies module. I am currently a Distance Learning tutor in the Epidemiology course.


As Research Fellow at the Cancer Policy Programme (Cancer Survival Group) I focused on geographic variation in stage at diagnosis between Clinical Commissioning Groups in England and on the role of stage and treatment in international differences in colorectal cancer survival.

Research Area
Health inequalities
Health services research
Primary care
Public health
Disease and Health Conditions
Non-communicable diseases
United Kingdom
European Union

Selected Publications

Which patients are not included in the English Cancer Waiting Times monitoring dataset, 2009-2013? Implications for use of the data in research.
Di Girolamo, C. ; Walters, S. ; Gildea, C. ; Benitez Majano, S. ; Coleman, M.P. ; Rachet, B. ; Morris, M. ;
Br J Cancer
Seroprevalence of five neglected parasitic diseases among immigrants accessing five infectious and tropical diseases units in Italy: a cross-sectional study.
Martelli, G. ; Di Girolamo, C. ; Zammarchi, L. ; Angheben, A. ; Morandi, M. ; Tais, S. ; Degani, M. ; El Hamad, I. ; Caligaris, S. ; Ciannameo, A. ; Grilli, E. ; Urbinati, L. ; Monteiro, G.B. ; Scarcella, C. ; Petrosillo, N. ; Digaetano, M. ; Rabbi, L. ; Bazzanini, N. ; Cacciatore, F. ; Marta, B.L. ; Moro, M.L. ; Bartoloni, A. ; Viale, P. ; Verucchi, G. ;
Clin Microbiol Infect
Deriving stage at diagnosis from multiple population-based sources: colorectal and lung cancer in England.
Benitez-Majano, S. ; Fowler, H. ; Maringe, C. ; Di Girolamo, C. ; Rachet, B. ;
Br J Cancer
Differences in mortality by immigrant status in Italy. Results of the Italian Network of Longitudinal Metropolitan Studies.
Pacelli, B. ; Zengarini, N. ; Broccoli, S. ; Caranci, N. ; Spadea, T. ; Di Girolamo, C. ; Cacciani, L. ; Petrelli, A. ; Ballotari, P. ; Cestari, L. ; Grisotto, L. ; Giorgi Rossi, P. ; IN-LiMeS Group, . ; COLLABORATORS;Petrelli, A. ; Bargagli, A. ; Biggeri, A. ; Pacelli, B. ; Mirisola, C. ; Canova, C. ; Luberto, F. ; Costanzo, G. ; Terni, G. ; Cesaroni, G. ; Costa, G. ; Bonvicini, L. ; Cacciani, L. ; Cestari, L. ; Grisotto, L. ; Simonato, L. ; Mondo, L. ; Davoli, M. ; Agabiti, N. ; Caranci, N. ; Zengarini, N. ; Ballotari, P. ; Carnà, P. ; Rossi, P. ; Broccoli, S. ; Spadea, T. ;
Eur J Epidemiol
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