Prof Karen Devries

Professor of Social Epidemiology

United Kingdom


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health


Centre for Evaluation

Selected Publications

Development of an Intervention to Prevent Violence in Catholic Primary Schools in Zimbabwe: Innovation from within the Church
ELDRED, E; TURNER, E; FABBRI, C; Nyadombo, SA T; Mgugu, D; Nherera, CM; Nyakuwa, R; Nhenga-Chakarisa, T; Rank, S; DEVRIES, K;
Christian journal for global health
Qualitative process evaluation of the EmpaTeach intervention to reduce teacher violence in schools in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Tanzania.
Bakari, M; Shayo, EH; Barongo, V; Kiwale, Z; FABBRI, C; Turner, E; ELDRED, E; Mubyazi, GM; Rodrigues, K; DEVRIES, K;
BMJ open
Intimate partner violence victimisation and its association with maternal parenting (the 2015 Pelotas [Brazil] Birth Cohort): a prospective cohort study.
Coll, CV N; Barros, AJ D; Stein, A; DEVRIES, K; Buffarini, R; Murray, L; Arteche, A; Munhoz, TN; Silveira, MF; Murray, J;
The Lancet. Global health
Understanding why EmpaTeach did not reduce teachers' use of violence in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp: A quantitative process evaluation of a school-based violence prevention intervention.
FABBRI, C; Powell-Jackson, T; Rodrigues, K; De Filippo, A; Kaemingk, M; Torrats-Espinosa, G; Leurent, B; Shayo, E; Barongo, V; DEVRIES, KM;
PLOS global public health
Ethical reporting of research on violence against women and children: a review of current practice and recommendations for future guidelines.
Peterman, A; DEVRIES, K; Guedes, A; Chandan, JS; Minhas, S; Lim, RQ H; Gennari, F; BHATIA, A;
BMJ global health
Inequities in birth registration, violent discipline, and child labour by disability status and sex: Evidence from the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys in 24 countries.
Bhatia, A; DAVEY, C; Bright, T; ROTENBERG, S; ELDRED, E; Cappa, C; KUPER, H; DEVRIES, K;
PLOS Global Public Health
Exploring children's formal help-seeking behaviour for violence in Zimbabwe: analysis of national survey and routine service provider data
DEVRIES, K; Cerna-Turoff, I; FABBRI, C; TURNER, E; Nyakuwa, R; Nherera, CM; Nhenga-Chakarisa, T; Nengomasha, BC; Moyo, R;
BMJ open
A qualitative exploration of parenting under adversity: “Surprisingly, it worked -using firecrackers to get her accustomed to the sound”
Caribbean Public Health Agency’s 67th Annual Conference
Syndemic of factors that shape the early lives of women who enter into sex work: a qualitative methods study from Nairobi, Kenya.
SHAH, P; BEATTIE, TS; Kabuti, R; Liku, J; Kung'u, M; Babu, H; Jama, Z; Maisha Fiti Study Champions,; Kaul, R; WEISS, HA; KYEGOMBE, N; MEDLEY, GF; DEVRIES, K; GAFOS, M; Nyariki, E; Kimani, J; SEELEY, J;
BMJ Open
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