Prof Donald Bundy

Professor of Epidemiology and Developmen

United Kingdom


Department of Population Health
Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health

Selected Publications

School Meals Are Evolving: Has the Evidence Kept Up?
Alderman, H; BUNDY, D; Gelli, A;
The World Bank Research Observer
Investing in school systems: conceptualising returns on investment across the health, education and social protection sectors.
Verguet, S; Gautam, P; Ali, I; Husain, A; Meyer, S; Burbano, C; Lloyd-Evans, E; Coco, M; Mphangwe, M; Saka, A; Zelalem, M; Giyose, BB; Li, Z; Erzse, A; Hofman, K; Giner, C; Avallone, S; Kuusipalo, H; Kristjansson, E; SCHULTZ, L; BUNDY, DA P; Angrist, N;
BMJ global health
School meals and food systems: Rethinking the consequences for climate, environment, biodiversity, and food sovereignty
PASTORINO, S; Springmann, M; Backlund, U; Kaljonen, M; Singh, S; Hunter, D; Vargas, M; Milani, P; Bellanca, R; Eustachio Colombo, P; Makowicz Bastos, D; Manjella, A; Wasilwa, L; Wasike, V; BUNDY, DA P; The Research Consortium White Paper writing team,;
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Developing a Global Approach for Measurement of Adolescent Well-Being.
Guthold, R; Newby, H; Keogh, S; Afifi, RA; Austrian, K; Baird, S; Blum, RW; BUNDY, DA P; Deardorff, J; Engel, D; Klein, JD; Kostelecky, SM; MACKWORTH-YOUNG, C; Marquez, J; NicGabhainn, S; Requejo, J; Ross, DA; Saewyc, E; Mohan, A;
The Journal of adolescent health : official publication of the Society for Adolescent Medicine
School Meals Case Study: Japan
Health Education and Shokuiku Division, Elementary,; Consumer Affairs and Shokuiku (Food and Nutrition ,;
School Food Case Study: Japan
School Meals Case Study: France
Avallone, S; Giner, C; Nicklaus, S; Darmon, N;
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
A positive consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic: how the counterfactual experience of school closures is accelerating a multisectoral response to the treatment of neglected tropical diseases.
BUNDY, DA P; SCHULTZ, L; Antoninis, M; Barry, FB M; Burbano, C; Croke, K; Drake, L; Gyapong, J; Karutu, C; Kihara, J; Lo, MM; Makkar, P; Mwandawiro, C; Ossipow, SJ; Bento, AR; Rollinson, D; Shah, H; Turner, HC;
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Low Prevalence of Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infections among Children in the States of Chhattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh, India, 2018.
Campbell, SJ; Shanmugasundaram, D; Ganguly, S; Sehgal, R; Karmakar, S; Sanga, P; Stephen, HN; Kaur, H; Kihara, J; Minnery, M; Nath, S; Sen, S; BUNDY, DA; Mishra, N; Batra, G; Shah, H; Balasubramaniam, S; Dutta, S; Khera, A; Murhekar, M;
The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene
Universal free school meals: the future of school meal programmes?
Cohen, JF W; Verguet, S; Giyose, BB; BUNDY, D;
Lancet (London, England)
Routine Pediatric Surgical Emergencies: Incidence, Morbidity, and Mortality During the 1st 8000 Days of Life-A Narrative Review.
Abbas, A; Laverde, R; Yap, A; Stephens, CQ; Samad, L; Seyi-Olajide, JO; Ameh, EA; Ozgediz, D; Lakhoo, K; Bickler, SW; Meara, JG; BUNDY, D; Jamison, DT; Klazura, G; Sykes, A; Philipo, GS; GICS,;
World journal of surgery
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