Dr Kerry Brown

BSc MSc PhD ANutr

Assistant Professor


15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom


I am a public health researcher, who works with mixed-methods and across multi-disciplinary areas related to food and health. My background is in the bio-sciences and I enjoy bringing the social and natural sciences together to find scientifically informed, yet pragmatic solutions, to key public health challenges. My main research interest is in the analysis of risk (interpreting and weighing scientific evidence together with political priorities/societal values), especially regarding the development and implementation of dietary reference values and food-based dietary guidelines.

I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist on the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists, 2011 alumni of the European Leadership for Nutrition, a member of the London International Development Centre (LIDC) and a London area STEM ambassador.


Department of Health Services Research and Policy
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Global Chronic Conditions


I teach on the MSc Nutrition for Global Health and help to organise the Fundamental Public Health Nutrition module in term one. I tutor and provide supervisory support for students on the MSc Public Health. I have a keen interest in research design and welcome research projects that use inter-disciplinary research methods, or evidence from both the social and natural sciences, to study the area of food and health.


My current work explores the food system in India (and South Africa), which involves finding innovative methods of integrating dietary, health and environmental evidence, and designing food system policies to help fulfill the UN sustainable development goals.

Current and past research activities listed below:

  • SHEFS, Sustainable and healthy food systems (Wellcome Trust). A programme aiming to provide policy makers with novel, interdisciplinary evidence to define future food systems policies that deliver nutritious and healthy foods in an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable manner.
  • RICHFIELDS, Research Infrastructure on Consumer Health and Food Intake for EScience with Linked Data Sharing (EC, Horizon 2020). Designing a world-class infrastructure to facilitate food and health research.
  • EuroDISH, Studying the need for food and health research infrastructures in Europe (EC, FP7). Mapping food and health research facilities related to determinants of dietary behaviour; intake of foods/nutrients; status and functional markers of nutritional health; health and disease risk of foods/nutrients.
  • CLYMBOL, The role of health-related claims and symbols in consumer behaviour (EC, FP7).
  • EURRECA, European micronutrient Recommendations Aligned (EC, FP6). A network of excellence to standardise the process of setting micronutrient recommendation.
  • The role of the home environment in protecting child health (University of Surrey and Roehampton University Joint Innovation Fund). Investigated home environment variables such as parental covert/overt dietary control and explored the role these variables might play in protecting children from becoming overweight and/or encouraging the adoption of healthy lifestyles.
  • Young People & Food - Adolescent’s Dietary Beliefs & Understandings (Safefood - food safety promotion board, Northern & the Republic of Ireland). Investigated the factors that may influence the efficacy of food risk and dietary communications directed at young people.
Research Area
Health policy
Public health
Research : policy relationship
Mixed methods
Disease and Health Conditions
Non-communicable diseases
United Kingdom
Euro area
South Asia

Selected Publications

Concepts and procedures for mapping food and health research infrastructure: New insights from the EuroDISH project
Brown, K.A.; Timotijević, L.; Geurts, M.; Arentoft, J.L.; Dhonukshe-Rutten, R.A.M.; Fezeu, L.; Finglas, P.; Laville, M.; Perozzi, G.; Ocké, M.; Poppe, K.; Slimani, N.; Snoek, H.M.; Tetens, I.; Van't Veer, P.; Vors, C.; Zimmermann, K.L.
Trends in Food Science & Technology
Prevalence of Nutrition and Health-Related Claims on Pre-Packaged Foods: A Five-Country Study in Europe.
Hieke, S. ; Kuljanic, N. ; Pravst, I. ; Miklavec, K. ; Kaur, A. ; Brown, K.A. ; Egan, B.M. ; Pfeifer, K. ; Gracia, A. ; Rayner, M. ;
Communication of scientific uncertainty: international case studies on the development of folate and vitamin D Dietary Reference Values.
Brown, K.A. ; de Wit, L. ; Timotijevic, L. ; Sonne, A.M. ; Lähteenmäki, L. ; Brito Garcia, N. ; Jeruszka-Bielak, M. ; Sicińska, E. ; Moore, A.N. ; Lawrence, M. ; Raats, M.M. ;
Public Health Nutr
EURRECA-Evidence-based methodology for deriving micronutrient recommendations.
Dhonukshe-Rutten, R.A. ; Bouwman, J. ; Brown, K.A. ; Cavelaars, A.E. ; Collings, R. ; Grammatikaki, E. ; de Groot, L.C. ; Gurinovic, M. ; Harvey, L.J. ; Hermoso, M. ; Hurst, R. ; Kremer, B. ; Ngo, J. ; Novakovic, R. ; Raats, M.M. ; Rollin, F. ; Serra-Majem, L. ; Souverein, O.W. ; Timotijevic, L. ; Van't Veer, P. ;
Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr
Changing micronutrient intake through (voluntary) behaviour change. The case of folate.
Jensen, B.B. ; Lähteenmäki, L. ; Grunert, K.G. ; Brown, K.A. ; Timotijevic, L. ; Barnett, J. ; Shepherd, R. ; Raats, M.M. ;
A review of consumer awareness, understanding and use of food-based dietary guidelines.
Brown, K.A. ; Timotijevic, L. ; Barnett, J. ; Shepherd, R. ; Lähteenmäki, L. ; Raats, M.M. ;
Br J Nutr
The role of parental control practices in explaining children's diet and BMI.
Brown, K.A. ; Ogden, J. ; Vögele, C. ; Gibson, E.L. ;
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