Dr Karl Blanchet

PhD MScPH Master of Management

Associate Professor
in Health Systems Research

Room 324

15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom


Karl Blanchet is the Director of the Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre. Karl has a background in public health and extensive experience in conflicts (Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Somaliland, Lebanon) and health system strengthening in Asia (Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal) and Africa (Niger, Rwanda, Ghana, Togo, Mali, Somaliland).

Karl has specific interests in studying resilience issues in global health and more specifically in post-conflict and conflict-affected countries. Karl has developed innovative research approaches based on complexity science, system thinking and social network analysis. Karl also applied innovation theories to understand the routinisation process of health interventions. 

Karl is a member of the technical working group on Research on Global Health Emergencies at the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. Karl is also a core member of the UHC2030 Technical Working Group on support to countries with fragile or challenging operating environments,  and a member of the WHO technical working group on Health Systems Assessment and the WHO technical working group on SRH in emergencies.

Karl also gave an LSHTM TED Talkx on health systems and complexity.


Faculty of Public Health and Policy
Department of Global Health and Development


Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre


Karl is the Lead Educator of the MOOC Health in Humanitarian Crises launched in 2017. Karl is also the co-Organiser of the face-to-face LSHTM Module on Conflict and Health.

Lectures on "Process Evaluation", "Social network analysis in health systemes research", "Introduction to Health Systems Research", "Health policy or health politics?", "physical rehabilitation in conflict-affected and post-conflict countries".

Karl is also running a module at Science Po Paris on health system assessment in humanitarian crises.


His main research interest is to understand how health service managers in the South make decisions about the future. Karl is particularly interested in understanding the resilience of local health systems by introducing notions of system dynamics and complexity science.

Karl is currently working on several studies:

  • The development of priority healthcare packages in Afghanistan.
  • Syrian-led refugee initiatives in Lebanon.
  • The resilience of health systems during conflicts and disease outbreaks.
  • The impact of prosthetics and orthotics on quality of life in Myanmar (ICRC).
  • The use of electronic protocols in child health in Burkina Faso with Terre des hommes: a stepped-wedge trial and realistic evaluation.

Karl is a member of the editorial board of the BMC journal Health Research Policy and Systems and BMC Conflict and HealthKarl is a member of the editing Committee of the journal Humanitarian Alternatives. Karl is also a reviewer for several scientific journals: BMJ; Health Policy and Planning, BMC Health Services; PLoS Medicine; Plos NTDs; BMC Health and Conflict; Medicine, Conflict and Survival; Disability and Rehabilitation.

Research Area
Child health
Clinical guidelines
Complex interventions
Decision analysis
Health policy
Health services research
Health systems
Organisational research
Quality improvement
Systematic reviews
Health workers
Disease control
Electronic health records
Global Health
Implementation research
Operational research
Policy analysis
Social Sciences
Disease and Health Conditions
Emerging Infectious Disease
Non-communicable diseases
Burkina Faso
Sierra Leone
South Sudan
Arab World
East Asia & Pacific (developing only)
Least developed countries: UN classification
South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Syrian refugees in Greece: experience with violence, mental health status, and access to information during the journey and while in Greece.
Ben Farhat, J. ; Blanchet, K. ; Juul Bjertrup, P. ; Veizis, A. ; Perrin, C. ; Coulborn, R.M. ; Mayaud, P. ; Cohuet, S. ;
A long way to go: a systematic review to assess the utilisation of sexual and reproductive health services during humanitarian crises.
Singh, N.S. ; Aryasinghe, S. ; Smith, J. ; Khosla, R. ; Say, L. ; Blanchet, K. ;
BMJ Glob Health
A life in waiting: Refugees' mental health and narratives of social suffering after European Union border closures in March 2016.
Bjertrup, P.J. ; Bouhenia, M. ; Mayaud, P. ; Perrin, C. ; Ben Farhat, J. ; Blanchet, K. ;
Soc Sci Med
Support for UNRWA's survival.
Blanchet, K. ; El-Zein, A. ; Langer, A. ; Sato, M. ; 159 signatories, . ; COLLABORATORS;Abdulrahim, S. ; Abouchacra, K. ; Afifi, R. ; Agnoletto, V. ; Akashi, H. ; Alameddine, M. ; Ansbro, É. ; Araújo-Soares, V. ; Assefi, N. ; Baillie Smith, M. ; Bardus, M. ; Bhabha, J. ; Bjertness, E. ; Blanchet, K. ; Borghi, J. ; Busza, J. ; Cammett, M. ; Campbell, O. ; Chaaban, J. ; Chalmers, I. ; Checchi, F. ; Danaei, G. ; Dhaini, H. ; Diaconu, K. ; Diwan, I. ; Dominguez-Salas, P. ; Dubois, E. ; El Kak, F. ; El-Zein, A. ; Eng, E. ; Eyal, N. ; Fawzi, W. ; Feder, G. ; Fujiya, R. ; Furukawa, S. ; Furusawa, K. ; Futami, A. ; Germani, A. ; Ghattas, H. ; Giacaman, R. ; Goto, R. ; Grant, L. ; Greenough, P.G. ; Habib, R. ; Hagopian, A. ; Hajat, S. ; Hariga, F. ; Hatano, A. ; Hay, A. ; Holmboe-Ottesen, G. ; Horiuchi, S. ; Hsiao, W. ; Huber, D. ; Humble, D. ; Imano, T. ; Inoue, Y. ; Ishizuka, A. ; Ismail, R. ; Iwata, R. ; Jabbour, S. ; Jamal, D. ; Jamaluddine, Z. ; Jimba, M. ; Kabakian, T. ; Kamiya, Y. ; Karademas, E. ; Kashiwagi, K. ; Katsuma, Y. ; Kinjo, M. ; Kiriya, J. ; Kitamura, A. ; Kruk, M.E. ; Kubota, K. ; Langer, A. ; Leaning, J. ; Leng, M. ; Logam, L. ; Makhoul, J. ; Matsuno, A. ; Matsuo, Y. ; McCoy, D. ; McGovern, T. ; McKee, M. ; McPake, B. ; Melhem, N. ; Merriman, A. ; Michie, S. ; Millett, C. ; Mishima, C. ; Miyachi, T. ; Miyata, H. ; Moodie, R. ; Morioka, M. ; Mulholland, K. ; Mumtaz, G. ; Murphy, A. ; Nagasawa, E. ; Nagata, K. ; Najem Kteily, M. ; Nakamura, H. ; Nakkash, R. ; Nambu, M. ; Nava, M. ; Nelson, E.L. ; Nishikida, A. ; Nomura, S. ; Nozaki, S. ; Nuwayhid, I. ; O'Donnell, K. ; Ohashi, M. ; O'Laughlin, K. ; Palmer, J. ; Patel, P. ; Patel, R. ; Pham, P. ; Quezada-Yamamoto, H. ; Ramia, S. ; Rawaf, S. ; Rihani, M. ; Roberts, B. ; Roberts, L. ; Ruff, T.A. ; Sahyoun, N. ; Sakamoto, H. ; Salti, N. ; Sato, M. ; Sato, M. ; Sennett, R. ; Shallice, T. ; Shannon, P. ; Shiekh, S. ; Shin, K. ; Sibai, A.M. ; Sieverding, M. ; Singh, N. ; Sullivan, R. ; Takahara, T. ; Tanigawa, T. ; Taniguchi, H. ; Testa, A. ; Thomas, A. ; Tsutsumi, A. ; Uechi, M. ; Usuki, A. ; Valente de Almeida, S. ; Wareham, S. ; Watt, G. ; West, R. ; Wigg, P. ; Wigg, C. ; Wikler, D. ; Witter, S. ; Yassin, N. ; Yazdi, Y. ; Yoshino, Y. ; Yousafzai, A. ; Yudkin, J.S. ; Zaman, M.H. ; Zurayk, H. ;
Evidence on public health interventions in humanitarian crises.
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Syrian refugees in Lebanon: the search for universal health coverage.
Blanchet, K. ; Fouad, F.M. ; Pherali, T. ;
Confl Health
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