Dr Tara Beattie

DPhil Msc

Associate Professor
of Social Epidemiology


15-17 Tavistock Place
United Kingdom

020 7927 2613

My background is interdisciplinary: after graduating with a BSc in Medical Microbiology (The University of Edinburgh), I completed a dPhil in HIV Immunology (The University of Oxford), and then a MSc in Epidemiology (The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine).

I joined LSHTM in 2008 and have worked on the evaluation of large-scale public health interventions with female sex workers and adolescent girls in south India, including two cluster-RCTs funded by DFID and the MRC-SA. I am particularly interested in understanding the structural drivers of HIV risk, including violence, mental health, and alcohol use problems. I have also worked on the prevention of child marriage and secondary school drop-out among adolescent girls.

My current study (Maisha Fiti) in Nairobi, Kenya, is funded by the Medical Research Council. This longitudinal study with 1000 women aims to understand the immunological pathways linking violence experience to HIV risk and disease progession.  


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


Centre for Evaluation
Centre for Global Mental Health


I am Module Organiser for the Social Epidemiology module. I also teach on The Fundamentals of Global Mental Health and AIDS modules.

I am a tutor on the Control of Infectious Disease and Global Mental Health MSc.



My research is interdisciplinary, and draws on the epidemiologal, social and biological sciences to better understand the structural drivers of HIV risk and design interventions to improve health outcomes for female sex workers and adolescent girls.

My current research is hypothesis driven, and aims to understand how up-stream determinants, such as poverty, violence, mental health and alcohol use problems impact on biological HIV risk and disease progression.

Methodologically, my research makes use of mixed-methods primary data collected through behavioural and biological surveys, and qualitative interviews. I have worked on two cluster-RCTs and my current study is a longitudinal, cohort study.

I enjoy public engagement, particularly creating and using short films to communicate context in science. Following moments in the lives of two women, this recent short film sets the scene for the Maisha Fiti study in Nairobi, Kenya, and how sex workers are coming together to address the violence and stigma that they face.

I supervise four doctoral students from Kenya, The Gambia, India and Canada.


Research Area
Complex interventions
Social and structural determinants of health
Adolescent health
Randomised controlled trials
Disease and Health Conditions
Mental health
Sexually transmitted infection
South Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

The Samata intervention to increase secondary school completion and reduce child marriage among adolescent girls: results from a cluster-randomised control trial in India.
Prakash R; Beattie TS; Javalkar P; Bhattacharjee P; Ramanaik S; Thalinja R; Murthy S; Davey C; Gafos M; Blanchard J
Secular changes in child marriage and secondary school completion among rural adolescent girls in India
Beattie TS; Javalkar P; Gafos M; Heise L; Moses S; Prakash R
Journal of Global Health Reports
The cost of safe sex: estimating the price premium for unprotected sex during the Avahan HIV prevention programme in India.
Quaife M; Lépine A; Deering K; Terris-Prestholt F; Beattie T; Isac S; Paranjape RS; Vickerman P
Health policy and planning
Prevalence and correlates of psychological distress among 13-14 year old adolescent girls in North Karnataka, South India: a cross-sectional study.
Beattie TS; Prakash R; Mazzuca A; Kelly L; Javalkar P; Raghavendra T; Ramanaik S; Collumbien M; Moses S; Heise L
BMC public health
Understanding the Relationship Between Female Sex Workers and Their Intimate Partners: Lessons and Initial Findings From Participatory Research in North Karnataka, South India.
Bhattacharjee P; Campbell L; Thalinja R; Nair S; Doddamane M; Ramanaik S; Isac S; Beattie TS
Health education & behavior
Community mobilization and empowerment of female sex workers in Karnataka State, South India: associations with HIV and sexually transmitted infection risk.
Beattie TSH; Mohan HL; Bhattacharjee P; Chandrashekar S; Isac S; Wheeler T; Prakash R; Ramesh BM; Blanchard JF; Heise L
American journal of public health
Violence against female sex workers in Karnataka state, south India: impact on health, and reductions in violence following an intervention program.
Beattie TSH; Bhattacharjee P; Ramesh BM; Gurnani V; Anthony J; Isac S; Mohan HL; Ramakrishnan A; Wheeler T; Bradley J
BMC public health
Declines in risk behaviour and sexually transmitted infection prevalence following a community-led HIV preventive intervention among female sex workers in Mysore, India.
Reza-Paul S; Beattie T; Syed HUR; Venukumar KT; Venugopal MS; Fathima MP; Raghavendra HR; Akram P; Manjula R; Lakshmi M
AIDS (London, England)
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