Dr Nikita Arora

Research Fellow in Health Systems

United Kingdom

I work on the Gates Ventures funded Exemplars in Global Health initiative. I have a PhD in Health Economics and MSc. Public Health (Health Economics) from LSHTM. I have many years of experience in conducting social sciences research for organisations including the World Bank, J-PAL, OECD, and Public Health Foundation of India.


Department of Global Health and Development
Faculty of Public Health and Policy


I am co-Module Organiser for Introduction to Health Economics, and lecture on Economic Analysis for Health Policy (in-house and distance learning).


In my main project with Exemplars in Global Health, I analyse the performance and efficiency of primary healthcare systems in low-and middle-income countries using mixed methods. In my PhD in Health Economics, I used Discrete Choice Experiments to understand heterogeneity in the job preferences of community-based healthcare workers in Ethiopia and Ghana, and how it can be modelled, with a view to inform policy interventions to improve retention. I am interested in health systems economics, particularly human resources for health, and primary healthcare delivery in LMICs.

Research Area
Health economics
Health systems
Primary health care
Quantitative research
Qualitative research
Health workers
Inclusive community development
Statistical methods

Selected Publications

The stated preferences of community-based volunteers for roles in the prevention of violence against women and girls in Ghana: A discrete choice analysis.
ARORA, N; Dit Sourd, RC; Quaife, M; VASSALL, A; Ferrari, G; Alangea, DO; Tawiah, T; Dwommoh Prah, RK; Jewkes, R; HANSON, K; TORRES RUEDA, S;
Social science & medicine
Linking health worker motivation with their stated job preferences: A hybrid choice analysis in Ethiopia.
ARORA, N; Crastes Dit Sourd, R; HANSON, K; Woldesenbet, D; Seifu, A; Quaife, M;
Social science & medicine
Understanding the factors affecting attrition and intention to leave of health extension workers: a mixed methods study in Ethiopia.
Tekle, MG; Wolde, HM; Medhin, G; Teklu, AM; Alemayehu, YK; Gebre, EG; Bekele, F; ARORA, N;
Human Resources for Health
Discrete choice analysis of health worker job preferences in Ethiopia: Separating attribute non-attendance from taste heterogeneity.
ARORA, N; QUAIFE, M; HANSON, K; Lagarde, M; Woldesenbet, D; Seifu, A; Crastes Dit Sourd, R;
Health Economics
Stated job preferences of three health worker cadres in Ethiopia: a discrete choice experiment.
Lamba, S; ARORA, N; Keraga, DW; Kiflie, A; Jembere, BM; BERHANU, D; Dubale, M; MARCHANT, T; SCHELLENBERG, J; UMAR, N; Estafinos, AS; QUAIFE, M;
Health Policy and Planning
Understanding the importance of non-material factors in retaining community health workers in low-income settings: a qualitative case-study in Ethiopia.
ARORA, N; HANSON, K; SPICER, N; Estifanos, AS; Keraga, DW; Welearegay, AT; Tela, FG; Hussen, YA; Mandefro, YS; QUAIFE, M;
Development of the SAFE Checklist Tool for Assessing Site-Level Threats to Child Protection: Use of Delphi Methods and Application to Two Sites in India
Betancourt, TS; Zuilkowski, SS; Ravichandran, A; Einhorn, H; ARORA, N; Bhattacharya Chakravarty, A; Brennan, RT;
Linking health worker motivation with their stated job preferences: a hybrid choice analysis in Ethiopia
CSAE Conference 2022: Economic Development in Africa
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