Dr Seblewengel Abreham


Research Fellow
Health Management Information System

The Dagu team
Ethiopian Public, Health Institute,
Addis Ababa



I started out my carrier as public health officer in one of the health centre in Oromia region of Ethiopia. A town called "Bekoji", home for our famous long distance runners like Derartu Tulu, Tirunesh Dibab and others. It was a predominantly rural area and at the health centre, I served as clinical officer as well as public health practioner.

After my two years post-graduate study at Addis Ababa University, school of Public Health, I worked on different public health programs in non-governmental organizations and public health institutes. I was engaged in public health project management, teaching in a public health institute and public health research activities. I completed my PhD in public health from the University of Gondar four years ago and managed to publish more than twenty articles on peer reviewed journals with colleagues and students. Since June, 2018, I have been working as a research fellow for a project called operational research and coaching for analysts. Starting February, 2021, I am assuming a research fellow position in implementation research. I will take part in two projects inaddition to ORCAs, namely IDEAS and DAGU.


Department of Disease Control
Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases


I did start my carrier in teaching in Nursing schools in Addis Ababa. I used to provide public health courses for diploma nursing students then joined a public health institute where I have worked for almost eight years and I have been teaching courses such as Epidemiology, Public Health Surveillance course for undergraduate students; later engaged in post graduate students teaching in the same institute, I provided courses such as Epidemiology, monitoring and evaluation, and research method. I have mentored more than eight master’s program students in close to six years. In addition to long term training programs, I had opportunities to facilitate short term courses on monitoring and evaluation of health program and other similar courses. As a reasearch fellow for the ORCA project, my main role was coaching and mentoring a group of analysts on operational research methods.


My main area of research focus has been non-communicable diseases, but it is only recently has gained attention in Ethiopia. NCD was the focus of my postgraduate thesis work as well as my PhD. Moreover, I was ingaged in a number of public health reserches in different area of focus.

As a research fellow for the ORCA project, the focus of research is health information system. ORCAs have already completed thier work and manuscripts are being prepared for publication.

Research Area
Public health
Implementation research
Operational research
Disease and Health Conditions
Non-communicable diseases
Sub-Saharan Africa (developing only)

Selected Publications

Routine health management information system data in Ethiopia: consistency, trends, and challenges.
Adane A; Adege TM; Ahmed MM; Anteneh HA; Ayalew ES; Berhanu D; Berhanu N; Beyene MG; Bhattacharya A; Bishaw T
Global health action
Strengthening routine health data analysis in Ethiopia: the Operational Research and Coaching for Analysts (ORCA) experience.
Busza J; Lemma S; Janson A; Adem SO; Berhanu D; Defar A; Persson L-Å; Källestål C
Global health action
Exploring data quality and use of the routine health information system in Ethiopia: a mixed-methods study.
Operational Research and Coaching for Analysts (ORCA)- participa; Adane A; Adege TM; Ahmed MM; Anteneh HA; Ayalew ES; Berhanu D; Berhanu N; Getnet M; Bishaw T
Expansion of Primary health care through the health extension program
Damtew ZA; Schleiff M; Worku K; Chekagn CT; Abreham SL; Abiodun O; Haile MS; Carlson D; Moen A; Perry HB
Achieving health for all: Primary health care in action
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