Independent review

Independent review to address discrimination and advance anti-racism and equality at London LSHTM

The governing Council of LSHTM is commissioning an independent review to examine the institution’s track record and history in respect of race equality and structural racism. Applications are invited from individuals and firms with demonstrable experience and expertise in institutional structural and cultural change, anti-racism and/or decolonisation.

The Council, which has a responsibility to hold the Director and Senior Leadership Team to account, committed to the review in response to calls from staff and students that LSHTM address its colonial practices, and concerns raised about the way in which historic complaints from have been handled by management.

The tenders will be evaluated by a Selection Panel appointed by the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee of Council. The findings and recommendations of the review will considered by the Chairs of Council and D&I Committee and will be expected to form the basis of an action plan which will be remitted to LSHTM leadership for implementation. The review team will agree the detailed terms of reference for the review with the D&I Committee following appointment, and have full access to LSHTM documentation, subject to data protection legislation. It is hoped that interim findings will be available by 1 September 2021 (subject to any unforeseen delays) but the timeline is open for discussion. It would be preferable that some findings are shared in this academic year with the LSHTM community.

Further background on these governance bodies is included in the application pack. Individuals (sole proprietorships) as well as firms are encouraged to apply. We are looking for teams that have experience of conducting similar work (such as institutional structural and cultural change, anti-racism and/or decolonisation), with relevant technical and professional ability – potentially including lived experience of individual or institutional racism.

A formal Q&A via written questions and a webinar session took place on 22 April 2021 and summary responses to questions are available. Any further questions should be sent via the portal no later than 2pm on 6 May.

Applications are accepted until 1pm on 13 May 2021. The tender information is available, and questions/comments can be submitted, at the Contracts Finder service.