Academic quality and standards

Assessment handbook

Assessment handbook (pdf)

Quality assurance

Quality assurance - includes information on quality and standards management, external reviews and accreditation, and collaborative provision.

Academic Engagement

Student attendance policy

Student attendance policy (pdf)

Annual monitoring

The School operates an External Examiner system in line with national practice (the QAA's codes of practice). External Examiners are senior academics from other institutions or subject experts, who provide independent scrutiny of assessment standards for all School courses - being involved in assessment-setting (particularly for exams), and reporting back at the end of the year having reviewed a wide-ranging set of assessed student work such as exam scripts, assignments and project reports. External Examiners also review programme content, assessment practices as well as overall student attainment and highlight areas of good practice. Their reports are scrutinised at both Faculty level and centrally.

Both Exam Board Chairs and Course Directors also write up an annual "feedback and action plan" report, which includes responses to any issues highlighted in External Examiners' reports as well as by their relevant committees. External Examiners' reports should always be read in the context of the response made by the Exam Board Chair and Course Director.

Reports from the academic year 2014-15 are due early summer 2016, after these have been reported to the Senate Quality & Standards Committee's spring meeting.

Distance learning programmes

A more detailed Annual Programmes Planning and Review (APR) from the University of London's International Programmes for distance learning (DL) courses at the School is available; this also includes reports from External Examiners and feedback and action plans from Exam Board Chairs and Course Committees.