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Public engagement

We want to work with a wide spectrum of people to increase discussion and debate around health.

[Image: Researchers discussing their work at the "Living Library". Credit: Anne Koerber/LSHTM]

Public engagement activities and projects allow for open communication between researchers and non-academics, with the goal of achieving mutual benefits and extending the reach of research.

Why should researchers engage with the public?

Engaging closely with individuals and communities to draw upon their experiences can produce knowledge and outputs that are useful for everyone. It can also ensure that research is asking the questions that matter to people, and that results are disseminated effectively. Public engagement activity is also a way in which School researchers can build strong relationships in the communities in which they are based, increasing trust and developing strong partnerships.

How can I find out about upcoming opportunities, report activities and request support?

Contact the School’s Public Engagement Coordinator, Erin Lafferty, at erin.lafferty@lshtm.ac.uk, x4779 to:

Public engagement strategy (PDF)
Inspired by the School values, we will create an inspiring, inclusive and diverse culture of public engagement, transforming our research and learning through dialogue with local and global communities. By 2017 we will have developed a rich programme of activities led by school staff, students and the public across a wide range of research areas.

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Multimedia highlights

December 2015 - Chiedza's song: Growing up with HIV in Zimbabwe
A trailer to the film Chiedza's song which looks at the struggles of adolescents growing up with HIV in Zimbabwe.

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