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Profile: Philip la Fleur

Philip la Fleur from Canada studied the MSc Epidemiology

"After graduating from the University of Toronto, I worked as a clinical hospital pharmacist before moving into clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to my arrival at LSHTM, I was working at a Canadian biotechnology firm managing a Phase II clinical trial in oncology. I wanted to move further with a career in clinical research, but needed to build a stronger foundation in clinical epidemiology and medical statistics. I investigated possibilities at LSHTM because of its eminent reputation in the public health sciences. My initial enquiries with the MSc epidemiology programme co-ordinators were met quickly with clear, personalised responses. I saw this kind of efficiency and professionalism throughout my year here. The professors and lecturers, while remarkably accomplished, are approachable, and concerned about the clarity of their teaching. Being paired with a tutor, who followed my progress throughout the year, was a pleasant surprise. The tutors take their role seriously and are a helpful resource and sounding-board for bringing clarity to the topics being covered in class. LSHTM has met, and in some cases exceeded, my expectations for postgraduate training. I leave the school confident that the training I have received has given me the tools to take on new challenges."

Koshy Eapen and Melanie Morris also studied the MSc Epidemiology

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