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University (Intercollegiate) Halls of Residence

Intercollegiate Halls

The deadline for applying to the intercollegiate halls has now passed (midnight BST Sunday 3 July 2016).

For waiting list information, please see below.  

These are student halls of residence, with rooms allocated to the different institutions belonging to the University of London (of which LSHTM is one).  For 2016-17, LSHTM has an allocation of 25 rooms (see below). Applications are considered equally once the deadline closes, regardless of when the application was received. You should receive a response in mid- to late July. Full-time students with a conditional or unconditional offer from LSHTM can apply.  Please note that competition for these halls is high; we recommend that you look into alternative accommodation.  See below for how to apply to The Gardens, a new hall of residence due for completion in September 2016.

After the closing date: A waiting list will open on 2 September at 17:00 and will close on 3 September at 13:00, and will allow you to apply for rooms (including rooms in the Gardne Halls, more information below) which have not been filled by other University of London students. To apply to the waiting list, apply via the link below during the waiting list opening dates specified above. FAQs about the waiting list.  

2016-17 LSHTM allocation:

Connaught Hall is a predominantly undergraduate catered hall which is very close to LSHTM's Tavistock Place building and approximately 5-10 minutes walk to the main Keppel Street building.



3 single rooms

2 single en-suite rooms

International Hall is an undergraduate and postgraduate catered hall which is located 10 - 15 minutes' walk from LSHTM.

This hall also accepts students with partners and/or children (in the flats which are not part of the allocation).


8 single study bedrooms

1 single studio (with ensuite shower room, light cooking facilities)


College Hall is a fully catered, predominantly undergraduate hall based on Malet Street, which is around the corner from the School's main Keppel Street building, and approximately 5 minutes walk from the Tavistock Place building.  

3 single en-suite rooms

1 single room


Lillian Penson Hall is a postgraduate and undergraduate hall near Paddington underground station (with direct access to Euston Square station, about 10 minutes' walk from LSHTM, along Gower Street). Breakfast and dinner is availble to those residents who do not have cooking facilities in their accommodation.




4 single en-suite rooms

1 single studio

1 double en-suite

1 double separate kitchen

How to apply: You can apply online now (please note that you can only use this link to apply during the waiting list, in early September, see above).  Any applications made before the waiting list opens will be rejected.


The Gardens (UPDATE 16 August 2016: the Garden Halls are now full so are no longer accepting applications - you may apply via the waiting list on 2 September, see above)

In addition, LSHTM students can apply direct to the Garden Halls (including those holding a conditional offer from LSHTM):  

The Gardens is currently under construction, due for completion for the start of the 2016-17 academic year.  It will comprise en-suite and single rooms, all with access to shared kitchens. The Gardens are located in Bloomsbury (as is LSHTM), and are around 15 minutes walk from LSHTM.



  Rooms will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis for 2016-17. There is no deadline for applying; applications will close once all rooms have been allocated.
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