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Mode of Study Information

Masters Degrees





MSc Control of Infectious Diseases  
MSc Demography & Health
MSc Epidemiology
MSc Global Mental Health    
MSc Health Policy Planning & Financing  
MSc Immunology of Infectious Diseases  
MSc Medical Entomology for Disease Control  
MSc Medical Microbiology  
MSc Medical Parasitology  
MSc Medical Statistics
MSc Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases  
MSc Nutrition for Global Health
MSc Public Health
MSc Public Health for Eye Care  
MSc Public Health for Development
MSc Reproductive & Sexual Health Research
MSc Tropical Medicine & International Health  
MSc Veterinary Epidemiology  

Full-time over one year, this involves attending the School five days each week during term-time.  Each week will include 30 hours contact time within the School and 10 hours self led study.

Part-time over two years this involves attending the School at least two days each week during term-time).  Each week will include 15 hours contact time within the School and 5 hours self led study.

Split study
Students taking the course by split study over two years attend full-time for part of Year 1, take a one year break and then undertake the remainder of the course in Year 2. Applicants may request that they split their studies anytime between the Christmas break and the end of the formal teaching in May. The proposed date of the split must be stated on the application form and is subject to the agreement of the Course Director.  With split study, both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the formal exams may be taken at the end of Year 1 or at the end of Year 2 providing the necessary formal teaching has been completed and after discussion and agreement with the relevant Course Director. .

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