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Health Economics by Distance Learning

Who Should Apply

This theme is suitable for researchers, clinicians and other medical practitioners keen to refresh or update their skills in health economics. It will provide an excellent foundation for those professionals who wish to find out more about the subject areas offered, such as journalists, funders and engagers of funders in NGOs or international agencies.

Many of the modules will be of interest to research degree students whose home institution does not provide the training offered by these modules.

Modules Available

The following modules are available in this theme:

Introduction to Health Economics (PHM103)

Introduces students to economic approaches used in public health and the scope and contribution of health economics. Explains the economic methods being used to promote public health policies, analyse health care delivery and shape health sector reforms.

Economic Analysis for Health Policy (PHM203)

Strengthens students' knowledge of concepts in health economic analysis and provides an understanding of the role of government, the nature of contracts in health care and agency relationships. Considers how health care markets differ from markets for other goods, and therefore how standard economic models require critique and extension to serve this sector.

Economic Evaluation (PHM204)

Develops students' understanding of and ability to apply current methods in the economic evaluation of health interventions. Introduces the practice of study appraisal in the context of economic evaluation.

Suggested Groups

Each of the modules provides a good grounding in its own right but any two modules form a compatible pair.

Taking all three modules provides a foundation in key areas of health economics that would enable students to understand the health care sector in a new way, be intelligent users of health economics studies, and provide a foundation for conducting their own economics studies.

Any of these modules also work well in combination with either or both the following modules from the Epidemiology and Statistics for Health theme:

Basic Epidemiology (PHM101)

Basic Statistics for Public Health and Policy (PHM102)

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