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Masters Degrees by Distance Learning

Students may study for a Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate or MSc degree by distance learning in six subject areas: 


To check current funding opportunities for the distance learning programme, please visit our Funding section.

Take individual MSc modules as short courses

The courses operate through the University of London International Programmes and applications must be made through the University.

Method of Study

The distance learning programme is self-taught using the fully comprehensive study materials provided. All the necessary learning material to obtain a specific award is supplied. A computer and regular access to the internet is essential for those on all of the distance learning courses. Students will also need access to a calculator.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to view information about the courses on the "structure" tab, and particularly look through each module specification, as these highlight the specific aims and learning outcomes of the module, indicate pre-requisites for study, and give information about the module study resources.

Registered students are given access to the School's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which starts at the beginning of October. Through the VLE students will be able to access all course and module-specific learning materials, including access to the School's online library resources and discussion forums. Module study materials vary but most are supplied online with additional material (e.g. CD-ROM, study guides and textbooks) supplied by courier in September/October after registration. Full details of the study materials provided for each module are included in the module specifications.

Students receive academic support and assessment feedback from subject tutors, and the use of online discussion forums is strongly encouraged. Students can also arrange networking and mutual support with others studying on the same programme.

Time Commitment

The time commitment needed by each student to successfully complete the course varies. A rough guide is that to complete in the minimum period (one year for the Postgraduate Certificate, two years for the Postgraduate Diploma or MSc) students should be prepared for not less than 15 hours of study per week during the first year, and 30 hours per week in the second. Postgraduate Certificate students have a minimum period of one year and a maximum of five years, to complete. Postgraduate Diploma and MSc students have a minimum period of two years and a maximum of five years in which to complete their course.

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