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Masters Programme Module information Page 2016-2017

Masters Programme - Module Information Page 2016-2017

Section 1 – MSc Programme Specifications

Programme Specifications provide information about the aims and objectives of your MSc programme, what you will study, how the programme is assessed and which modules you are required to take as part of your degree. The MSc Programme Specifications can be found on the School’s intranet site here: https://lshtm.sharepoint.com/Teaching-and-Support/Pages/Programme-Specifications.aspx

Each MSc Programme is given a short abbreviation based on the title of the degree. A list of these codes ordered by the MSc title can be found here. Click here to view the list of MSc programme abbreviations

Section 2 – Module Specifications

Module Specifications provide information about the aims and objectives of your module, what you will study, how the module is assessed and whether there are any prerequisites you need to have met before registering for the module.

Module Specifications - click here to view

Further information about module choice can be found in your MSc Programme Handbook.

Section 3 – Module Choice

The Module Availability Chart (MAV) shows which modules are available for your MSc programme. The MAV is presented as an excel spreadsheet so that you can filter by your MSc to show only the modules that apply to your programme of study (to do this - click on the filter and then untick the ‘blanks’ option).

The MAV is sorted with face-to face modules first, divided by term, and teaching slot, and listed in alphabetical order by module title. These modules are followed by the Distance Learning Modules sorted by module title.

Module Availability Chart - click here to view

There will be a limit on the number of students permitted to take laboratory-based modules due to safety regulations and modules will not be run if insufficient numbers of students opt to attend them.

All module choices are subject to final approval by the MSc Programme Director.

Modules are coded in the Module Availability Chart as follows:

C =   Compulsory of the MSc Programme

R =   Recommended Options – mainstream options for the MSc

P =   Peripheral Options – See MSc Programme Handbook for further information before selecting

C* = MSc HPPF students must select two modules, including at least one of these two. If only one of these is selected, students must take one of the two recommended modules (1123 or 2001)

C# = MSc One Health students will only take some sessions, to be advised


These can be found here: http://www.lshtm.ac.uk/edu/tso/dates/moduledates.html


Where the module is not available to a Masters programme, students may be be allowed to take a maximum of one 'special case' module. This must be formally approved by the MSc Programme Director and the Module Organiser. Students wishing to make a 'special case' choice should complete the 'Application for special approval of a module choice' form available here: http://www.lshtm.ac.uk/edu/tso/forms/index.html


Some Masters programmes offer the opportunity for students to take up to 2 Term 2 modules with modules taken by distance learning. For part-time students only, modules in Term 3 may also be substituted. This must be agreed by their Programme Director. Details of whether this option is available is set out in the Module Availability Chart and in the appropriate MSc Programme Handbook.  Module Specifications for DL modules can be found here: http://www.lshtm.ac.uk/study/distancelearning/modules/

Please note:  London-based students holding a Tier 4 visa or students who are in receipt of US Federal Direct Loan funding are not permitted to take any Distance Learning modules.


The School only allows changes to module choices after these deadlines in exceptional circumstances. Student will need to complete the Application to Change Module Choice form which is available here: http://www.lshtm.ac.uk/edu/tso/forms/index.html


Research degree students at the School are permitted to attend parts of the MSc teaching programme as part of their research training provided agreement has been reached with their Supervisor and the relevant Module Organiser(s). Further information can be found in the Research Degree Handbook.

Research Degree students must complete an 'Application to attend parts of the MSc Teaching Programme' form which can be found on the Registry webpage here: http://www.lshtm.ac.uk/study/currentstudents/researchdegreestudents/rdstudentinformation/index.html

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