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MSc Programme Modules

The School's MSc programmes in London are all designed on a modular basis to provide maximum opportunity for student choice. A wide range of modules is available within these programmes and places are offered to individuals who wish to undertake them as short courses of study. These modules offer an opportunity for individuals to update their skills, enhance career development and study with health professionals from other institutions in a multicultural environment.

Spring and Summer Term modules are scheduled over two and a half days per week at the same time each week for five weeks. For Autumn Term modules, please refer to the individual module specification for the teaching schedule. The time students are required to be in attendance at the School will vary according to the teaching strategy of the module, but will usually be between 20 and 45 hours. Learning time, including reading, is estimated to be 150 hours for each module. Those modules in the same half of the week run concurrently and only one of these may be taken in any given year.

Modules take place from 9.00am Monday to 12.30pm Wednesday or from 2.00pm Wednesday to 5.00pm Friday, over the weeks in question, with the exception of the Autumn Term modules (please see individual module specifications for further details).

The School gives priority to the needs of students registering for Masters and Research Degrees, and so places on any module may be limited - early application is therefore advised. 

Module Fees (2016/17)

Spring and Summer Term modules - £1,950 per module. 

Autumn Term modules - £19.50 per learning hour (subject to a minimum overall fee of £1,950 per module). Students taking term 1 modules do not take any formal assessments and will consequently, not be awarded any credits for these modules.

Module Availability

A list of available modules and their associated teaching slots can be found in the MSc Modules List.  This is a spreadsheet listing all of the modules by Term and Teaching Slot, and then alphabetically by module title. This is a spreadsheet which can be filtered.

The term dates can be found here and the MSc Module Teaching Slots can be found here.

Module Specifications

Details for each module can be found in the module specifications which are available here. The module specifications are listed alphabetically by module title.  If you want to find out which modules are available in a particular term or teaching slot, please refer to the MSc Modules List, which can be filtered.

Application Process and Deadlines

*Important Visa Information* please click here to read the current visa requirements for short course participants.

Applications received after the published deadlines cannot be considered.

  • Autumn Term (Term 1) - AB1 modules - We are no longer accepting applications for AB1 modules running in the academic year 2016/17. 
  • Spring Term (Term 2) - C1, C2 modules - DEADLINE Monday 12 December 2016
  • Spring Term (Term 2) - D1, D2 modules - DEADLINE Monday 23 January 2017
  • Summer Term (Term 3) - E modules - DEADLINE Wednesday 15 March 2017
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