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Research Ethics

Any research involving human participants must be referred to, and approved by, the relevant LSHTM Research Ethics Committee. This includes all research involving LSHTM staff or students regardless of whether the Chief Investigator is based at LSHTM or the research is being conducted away from LSHTM premises. The only exception are studies using data fully in the public domain. 

No study should commence until ethical approval has been notified in writing to the Investigator/student. The LSHTM Research Ethics Committees do not provide retrospective review. 

Applications are submitted to the Ethics Committees via the LSHTM Ethics Online site LEO: https://leo.lshtm.ac.uk

Why do we need ethical approval?

Ethical review is given with the aim of guiding research so that it can be conducted with the maximum benefit and the minimum risk of harm.

There are many benefits to obtaining ethical approval. These include:

To learn more about Ethics at LSHTM please see the following pages: 

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Following Ethical Review

Application Guidance

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