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Economic feasibility of a new method to estimate mortality in crisis-affected and resource-poor settings.

Roberts, B. ; Morgan, O.W. ; Sultani, M.G. ; Nyasulu, P. ; Rwebangila, S. ; Sondorp, E. ; Chandramohan, D. ; Checchi, F. ;
PLoS One, 2011; 6(9):e25175
Record added: 4-10-11

The validity and feasibility of a new method to estimate mortality in crisis-affected and resource-poor settings

Roberts, B.; Morgan, O.W.; Sultani, M.G.; Nyasulu, P.; Rwebangila, S.; Myatt, M.; Sondorp, E.; Chandramohan, D.; Checchi, F.
Lancet, 2011; 377(9770):S109
Record added: 5-04-11

A new method to estimate mortality in crisis-affected and resource-poor settings: validation study

Roberts, B.; Morgan, O.W.; Sultani, M.G.; Nyasulu, P.; Rwebangila, S.; Myatt, M.; Sondorp, E.; Chandramohan, D.; Checchi, F.;
International Journal of Epidemiology, 2010; 39(6):1584-96
Record added: 8-11-10

Methods for health surveys in difficult settings: charting progress, moving forward

Emerg Themes Epidemiol, 2007; 4:13
Record added: 19-09-07

Mass Fatality Management following the South Asian Tsunami Disaster: Case Studies in Thailand, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

Morgan, O.W.; Sribanditmongkol, P.; Perera, C.; Sulasmi, Y.; Alphen, D.V.; Sondorp, E.;
PLoS Med, 2006; 3(6):e195
Record added: 5-06-06

Approaches to increase physical activity: reviewing the evidence for exercise-referral schemes.

Public Health, 2005; 119(5):361-70
Record added: 2-09-05

Developing a cultural competence assessment tool for people in recovery from racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds: the journey, challenges and lessons learned.

Arthur, T.E.; Reeves, I.; Morgan, O.; Cornelius, L.J.; Booker, N.C.; Brathwaite, J.; Tufano, T.; Allen, K.; Donato, I.;
Psychiatr Rehabil J, 2005; 28(3):243-50
Record added: 2-09-05

Using routinely recorded ethnicity: analysis of waiting times for elective admissions by ethnic group.

Morgan, O.W.; Hamm, J.;
Health Serv Manage Res, 2004; 17(3):200-8
Record added: 2-09-05

Antidepressant-related deaths.

Griffiths, C.; Morgan, O.;
Br J Psychiatry, 2004; 185:518; author reply 518
Record added: 2-09-05

Concerning: equity in waiting times for two surgical specialties.

Morgan, O.; Hebblethwaite, J.;
J Public Health (Oxf), 2005; 27(1):125; author reply 126
Record added: 2-09-05

Specialist vaccination advice and pockets of resistance to MMR vaccination: lessons from an outbreak of measles.

Morgan, O.W.; Meltzer, M.; Muir, D.; Hogan, H.; Seng, C.; Hill, J.; Beckford, J.;
Commun Dis Public Health, 2003; 6(4):330-3
Record added: 2-09-05

Following in the footsteps of smallpox: can we achieve the global eradication of measles?

BMC Int Health Hum Rights, 2004; 4(1):1
Record added: 2-09-05

Association between mortality from suicide in England and antidepressant prescribing: an ecological study.

Morgan, O.W.; Griffiths, C.; Majeed, A.;
BMC Public Health, 2004; 4(1):63
Record added: 2-09-05

Impact of paracetamol pack size restrictions on poisoning from paracetamol in England and Wales: an observational study.

Morgan, O.; Griffiths, C.; Majeed, A.;
J Public Health (Oxf), 2005; 27(1):19-24
Record added: 2-09-05

Risk of low birth weight near EUROHAZCON hazardous waste landfill sites in England.

Morgan, O.W.; Vrijheid, M.; Dolk, H.;
Arch Environ Health, 2004; 59(3):149-51
Record added: 2-09-05

Fatal toxicity of antidepressants in England and Wales, 1993-2002.

Morgan, O.; Griffiths, C.; Baker, A.; Majeed, A.;
Health Stat Q, 2004; (23):18-24
Record added: 2-09-05

Management of dead bodies in disaster situations.

Disasters, 2005; 29(3):288-289
Record added: 2-09-05

Dispelling disaster myths about dead bodies and disease: the role of scientific evidence and the media.

Morgan, O.; de Ville de Goyet, C.;
Rev Panam Salud Publica, 2005; 18(1):33-6
Record added: 18-08-05

Revisiting the tsunami: health consequences of flooding.

PLoS Med, 2005; 2(6):e184
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Record added: 11-08-05

Restricting paracetamol in the United Kingdom to reduce poisoning: a systematic review

Morgan, O.; Majeed, A.
Journal of Public Health, 2005; 27(1):12
Record added: 11-04-05

Infectious disease risks from dead bodies following natural disasters [Riesgo de transmisión de enfermedades infecciosas por contacto con cadáveres después de desastres naturales].

Rev Panam Salud Publica , 2004; 15(5):307-12
Record added: 5-07-04