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Health & Demographic Surveillance System Profile: The Magu Health and Demographic Surveillance System (Magu HDSS).

Kishamawe, C. ; Isingo, R. ; Mtenga, B. ; Zaba, B. ; Todd, J. ; Clark, B. ; Changalucha, J. ; Urassa, M. ;
Int J Epidemiol, 2015;
Record added: 28-09-15

Risk factors for service use and trends in coverage of different HIV testing and counselling models in northwest Tanzania between 2003 and 2010.

Cawley, C. ; Wringe, A. ; Todd, J. ; Gourlay, A. ; Clark, B. ; Masesa, C. ; Machemba, R. ; Reniers, G. ; Urassa, M. ; Zaba, B. ;
Trop Med Int Health, 2015;
Record added: 3-08-15

Routine feedback of test results to participants in clinic- and survey-based surveillance of HIV.

Baggaley, R. ; Johnson, C. ; Garcia Calleja, J.M. ; Sabin, K. ; Obermeyer, C. ; Taegtmeyer, M. ; Zaba, B. ; El-Hayek, C. ; Singh, J.A. ;
Bull World Health Organ, 2015; 93(5):352-355
Record added: 3-08-15

Understanding why people participate in HIV surveillance.

Zaba, B. ; Reniers, G. ; Slaymaker, E. ; Todd, J. ; Glynn, J. ; Crampin, A. ; Urassa, M. ; Lutalo, T. ; Newell, M.L. ; Hosegood, V. ; Clark, S. ; Gregson, S. ;
Bull World Health Organ, 2015; 93(5):356-357
DOI · PubMed · WoS · Abstract · WWW · Full Record · Research Online · Journal Article - Original Research · IF(2009): 5.302 · Edit/Delete...
Record added: 3-08-15

A comparative analysis of national HIV policies in six African countries with generalized epidemics.

Church, K. ; Kiweewa, F. ; Dasgupta, A. ; Mwangome, M. ; Mpandaguta, E. ; Gómez-Olivé, F.X. ; Oti, S. ; Todd, J. ; Wringe, A. ; Geubbels, E. ; Crampin, A. ; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J. ; Hayashi, C. ; Njage, M. ; Wagner, R.G. ; Ario, A.R. ; Makombe, S.D. ; Mugurungi, O. ; Zaba, B. ;
Bull World Health Organ, 2015; 93(7):457-67
Record added: 16-07-15

InterVA-4 as a public health tool for measuring HIV/AIDS mortality: a validation study from five African countries.

Byass, P. ; Calvert, C. ; Miiro-Nakiyingi, J. ; Lutalo, T. ; Michael, D. ; Crampin, A. ; Gregson, S. ; Takaruza, A. ; Robertson, L. ; Herbst, K. ; Todd, J. ; Zaba, B. ;
Glob Health Action, 2013; 6:22448
Record added: 2-07-15

Factors associated with uptake of services to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV in a community cohort in rural Tanzania.

Gourlay, A.; Wringe, A.; Todd, J.; Cawley, C.; Michael, D.; Machemba, R.; Reniers, G.; Urassa, M.; Zaba, B.;
Sex Transm Infect, 2015;
Record added: 9-06-15

Antiretroviral treatment coverage in a rural district in Tanzania - a modeling study using empirical data.

Levira, F. ; Agnarson, A.M. ; Masanja, H. ; Zaba, B. ; Ekström, A.M. ; Thorson, A. ;
BMC Public Health, 2015; 15(1):195
Record added: 20-04-15

Immunological failure of first-line and switch to second-line antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected persons in Tanzania: Analysis of routinely collected national data.

Vanobberghen, F.M. ; Kilama, B. ; Wringe, A. ; Ramadhani, A. ; Zaba, B. ; Mmbando, D. ; Todd, J. ;
Trop Med Int Health, 2015;
Record added: 23-03-15

Maternal HIV Status Associated With Under-Five Mortality in Rural Northern Malawi: A Prospective Cohort Study

Chihana, M.L.; Price, A.; Floyd, S.; Mboma, S.; Mvula, H.; Branson, K.; Saul, J.; Zaba, B.; French, N.; Crampin, A.C.; Glynn, J.R.
Jaids-Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 2015; 68(1):81-90
DOI · PubMed · WoS · Abstract · WWW · Full Record · Research Online · Journal Article - Original Research · IF(2009): 4.207 · Edit/Delete...
Record added: 9-03-15

The impact of antenatal HIV diagnosis on postpartum childbearing desires in northern Tanzania: A mixed methods study

Keogh, S.C.; Urassa, M.; Roura, M.; Kumogola, Y.; Kalongoji, S.; Kimaro, D.; Changalucha, J.; Zaba, B.
Reproductive Health Matters, 2012; 20(SUPPL. 39):39-49
Record added: 2-02-15

Mortality trends in the era of antiretroviral therapy: evidence from the Network for Analysing Longitudinal Population based HIV/AIDS data on Africa (ALPHA).

Reniers, G. ; Slaymaker, E. ; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J. ; Nyamukapa, C. ; Crampin, A.C. ; Herbst, K. ; Urassa, M. ; Otieno, F. ; Gregson, S. ; Sewe, M. ; Michael, D. ; Lutalo, T. ; Hosegood, V. ; Kasamba, I. ; Price, A. ; Nabukalu, D. ; Mclean, E. ; Zaba, B. ; on behalf of the ALPHA Network, . ;
AIDS, 2014; 28 Suppl 4:S533-S542
Record added: 20-11-14

Adjusting the HIV prevalence for non-respondents using mortality rates in an open cohort in northwest Tanzania

Tenu, F.; Isingo, R.; Zaba, B.; Urassa, M.; Todd, J.
Tropical Medicine & International Health, 2014; 19(6):656-663
Record added: 3-07-14

Measuring HIV-related mortality in the first decade of anti-retroviral therapy in sub-Saharan Africa.

Todd, J. ; Slaymaker, E. ; Zaba, B. ; Mahy, M. ; Byass, P. ;
Glob Health Action, 2014; 7:24787
Record added: 4-06-14

Measuring causes of adult mortality in rural northern Malawi over a decade of change.

Glynn, J.R. ; Calvert, C. ; Price, A. ; Chihana, M. ; Kachiwanda, L. ; Mboma, S. ; Zaba, B. ; Crampin, A.C. ;
Glob Health Action, 2014; 7:23621
Record added: 12-05-14

How have ART treatment programmes changed the patterns of excess mortality in people living with HIV? Estimates from four countries in East and Southern Africa.

Glob Health Action, 2014; 7:22789
Record added: 28-04-14

Uptake of prevention of mother-to-child-transmission using Option B+ in northern rural Malawi: a retrospective cohort study.

Price, A.J. ; Kayange, M. ; Zaba, B. ; Chimbandrira, F.M. ; Jahn, A. ; Chirwa, Z. ; Dasgupta, A.N. ; Katundu, C. ; Saul, J.L. ; Glynn, J.R. ; Koole, O. ; Crampin, A.C. ;
Sex Transm Infect, 2014;
Record added: 14-04-14

The impact of voluntary counselling and testing services on sexual behaviour change and HIV incidence: observations from a cohort study in rural Tanzania.

Cawley, C. ; Wringe, A. ; Slaymaker, E. ; Todd, J. ; Michael, D. ; Kumugola, Y. ; Urassa, M. ; Zaba, B. ;
BMC Infect Dis, 2014; 14(1):159
Record added: 31-03-14

Using HIV-attributable mortality to assess the impact of antiretroviral therapy on adult mortality in rural Tanzania.

Glob Health Action, 2014; 7:21865
Record added: 25-03-14

Using vignettes in qualitative research to explore barriers and facilitating factors to the uptake of prevention of mother-to-child transmission services in rural Tanzania: a critical analysis.

Gourlay, A. ; Mshana, G. ; Birdthistle, I. ; Bulugu, G. ; Zaba, B. ; Urassa, M. ;
BMC Med Res Methodol, 2014; 14(1):21
Record added: 13-02-14

Does the Spectrum model accurately predict trends in adult mortality? Evaluation of model estimates using empirical data from a rural HIV community cohort study in north-western Tanzania.

Michael, D. ; Kanjala, C. ; Calvert, C. ; Pretorius, C. ; Wringe, A. ; Todd, J. ; Mtenga, B. ; Isingo, R. ; Zaba, B. ; Urassa, M. ;
Glob Health Action, 2014; 7:21783
Record added: 21-01-14

Deciphering the Complex Distribution of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Subtypes among Different Cohorts in Northern Tanzania.

Njai, H.F. ; Ewings, F.M. ; Lyimo, E. ; Foulongne, V. ; Ngerageza, D. ; Mongi, A. ; Ssemwanga, D. ; Andreasen, A. ; Nyombi, B. ; Ao, T. ; Michael, D. ; Urassa, M. ; Todd, J. ; Zaba, B. ; Changalucha, J. ; Hayes, R. ; Kapiga, S.H. ;
PLoS One, 2013; 8(12):e81848
Record added: 6-01-14

Is the Risk of HIV Acquisition Increased during and Immediately after Pregnancy? A Secondary Analysis of Pooled HIV Community-Based Studies from the ALPHA Network.

Marston, M. ; Newell, M.L. ; Crampin, A. ; Lutalo, T. ; Musoke, R. ; Gregson, S. ; Nyamukapa, C. ; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J. ; Urassa, M. ; Isingo, R. ; Zaba, B. ;
PLoS One, 2013; 8(12):e82219
Record added: 6-01-14

Do accurate HIV and antiretroviral therapy knowledge, and previous testing experiences increase the uptake of HIV voluntary counselling and testing? Results from a cohort study in rural Tanzania

South, Annabelle; Wringe, Alison; Kumogola, Yusufu; Isingo, Raphael; Manyalla, Rose; Cawley, Caoimhe; Zaba, Basia; Todd, Jim; Urassa, Mark
Bmc Public Health, 2013; 13
Record added: 29-10-13

The Trade-Off between Accuracy and Accessibility of Syphilis Screening Assays.

Smit, P.W. ; Mabey, D. ; Changalucha, J. ; Mngara, J. ; Clark, B. ; Andreasen, A. ; Todd, J. ; Urassa, M. ; Zaba, B. ; Peeling, R.W. ;
PLoS One, 2013; 8(9):e75327
Record added: 1-10-13

Reflections on the Global Burden of Disease 2010 Estimates

Byass, P.; de Courten, M.; Graham, W. J.; Laflamme, L.; McCaw-Binns, A.; Sankoh, O. A.; Tollman, S. M.; Zaba, B.
Plos Medicine, 2013; 10(7)
DOI · PubMed · WoS · Abstract · WWW · Full Record · Research Online · Journal - Editorial/Commentary/Review · IF(2009): 13.05 · Edit/Delete...
Record added: 23-09-13

Effect of HIV infection on pregnancy-related mortality in sub-Saharan Africa: secondary analyses of pooled community-based data from the network for Analysing Longitudinal Population-based HIV/AIDS data on Africa (ALPHA).

Zaba, B. ; Calvert, C. ; Marston, M. ; Isingo, R. ; Nakiyingi-Miiro, J. ; Lutalo, T. ; Crampin, A. ; Robertson, L. ; Herbst, K. ; Newell, M.L. ; Todd, J. ; Byass, P. ; Boerma, T. ; Ronsmans, C. ;
Lancet, 2013; 381(9879):1763-1771
Record added: 21-05-13

Low Rates of Repeat HIV Testing Despite Increased Availability of Antiretroviral Therapy in Rural Tanzania: Findings from 2003-2010.

Cawley, C. ; Wringe, A. ; Isingo, R. ; Mtenga, B. ; Clark, B. ; Marston, M. ; Todd, J. ; Urassa, M. ; Zaba, B. ;
PLoS One, 2013; 8(4):e62212
Record added: 1-05-13

The development and validation of dried blood spots for external quality assurance of syphilis serology.

Smit, P.W. ; van der Vlis, T. ; Mabey, D. ; Changalucha, J. ; Mngara, J. ; Clark, B.D. ; Andreasen, A. ; Todd, J. ; Urassa, M. ; Zaba, B. ; Peeling, R.W. ;
BMC Infect Dis, 2013; 13:102
Record added: 11-03-13

Low mortality risk but high loss to follow-up among patients in the Tanzanian national HIV care and treatment programme.

Somi, G. ; Keogh, S.C. ; Todd, J. ; Kilama, B. ; Wringe, A. ; van den Hombergh, J. ; Malima, K. ; Josiah, R. ; Urassa, M. ; Swai, R. ; Zaba, B. ;
Trop Med Int Health, 2012; 17(4):497-506
Record added: 10-09-12

Antiretroviral therapy in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence about need, uptake and impact from community-based cohort studies.

Trop Med Int Health, 2012; 17(8):e1-2
DOI · PubMed · WoS · Abstract · WWW · Full Record · Research Online · Journal - Editorial/Commentary/Review · IF(2009): 2.328 · Edit/Delete...
Record added: 5-09-12

Trends in the uptake of voluntary counselling and testing for HIV in rural Tanzania in the context of the scale up of antiretroviral therapy.

Isingo, R. ; Wringe, A. ; Todd, J. ; Urassa, M. ; Mbata, D. ; Maiseli, G. ; Manyalla, R. ; Changalucha, J. ; Mngara, J. ; Mwinuka, E. ; Zaba, B. ;
Trop Med Int Health, 2012; 17(8):e15-25
Record added: 5-09-12

Using age-specific mortality of HIV infected persons to predict Anti-Retroviral Treatment need: a comparative analysis of data from five African population-based cohort studies.

Zaba, B. ; Kasamba, I. ; Floyd, S. ; Isingo, R. ; Herbst, K. ; Bärnighausen, T. ; Gregson, S. ; Nyamukapa, C. ; Kayuni, N. ; Todd, J. ; Marston, M. ; Wringe, A. ;
Trop Med Int Health, 2012; 17(8):e3-e14
Record added: 5-09-12

Antiretroviral therapy uptake and coverage in four HIV community cohort studies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Wringe, A. ; Floyd, S. ; Kazooba, P. ; Mushati, P. ; Baisley, K. ; Urassa, M. ; Molesworth, A. ; Schumacher, C. ; Todd, J. ; Zaba, B. ;
Trop Med Int Health, 2012; 17(8):e38-48
Record added: 5-09-12

The impact of antiretroviral therapy on adult mortality in rural Tanzania.

Marston, M. ; Michael, D. ; Wringe, A. ; Isingo, R. ; Clark, B.D. ; Jonas, A. ; Mngara, J. ; Kalongoji, S. ; Mbaga, J. ; Changalucha, J. ; Todd, J. ; Zaba, B. ; Urassa, M. ;
Trop Med Int Health, 2012; 17(8):e58-65
Record added: 5-09-12

Adult mortality and probable cause of death in rural northern Malawi in the era of HIV treatment.

Chihana, M. ; Floyd, S. ; Molesworth, A. ; Crampin, A.C. ; Kayuni, N. ; Price, A. ; Zaba, B. ; Jahn, A. ; Mvula, H. ; Dube, A. ; Ngwira, B. ; Glynn, J.R. ; French, N. ;
Trop Med Int Health, 2012; 17(8):e74-83
Record added: 5-09-12

The effect of antiretroviral therapy provision on all-cause, AIDS and non-AIDS mortality at the population level - a comparative analysis of data from four settings in Southern and East Africa.

Floyd, S. ; Marston, M. ; Baisley, K. ; Wringe, A. ; Herbst, K. ; Chihana, M. ; Kasamba, I. ; Bärnighausen, T. ; Urassa, M. ; French, N. ; Todd, J. ; Zaba, B. ;
Trop Med Int Health, 2012; 17(8):e84-93
Record added: 5-09-12

Tools for Demographic Estimation

Moultrie, T.A.; Dorrington, R.E.; Hill, A.G.; Hill, K.; Timaeus, I.M.; Zaba, B.
International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (Paris) 2013
DOI · PubMed · WoS · Abstract · · WWW · Full Record · Research Online · Edited book · IF(2009): · Edit/Delete...
Record added: 10-07-12

Profile: The Karonga health and demographic surveillance system.

Int J Epidemiol, 2012;
Record added: 27-06-12

Children Who Acquire HIV Infection Perinatally Are at Higher Risk of Early Death than Those Acquiring Infection through Breastmilk: A Meta-Analysis

Becquet, R.; Marston, M.; Dabis, F.; Moulton, L.H.; Gray, G.; Coovadia, H.M.; Essex, M.; Ekouevi, D.K.; Jackson, D.; Coutsoudis, A.; Kilewo, C.; Leroy, V.; Wiktor, S.Z.; Nduati, R.; Msellati, P.; Zaba, B.; Ghys, P.D.; Newell, M.L.; UNAIDS Child Survival Group, .;
PLoS One, 2012; 7(2):e28510
Record added: 25-06-12

Child mortality in rural Malawi: HIV closes the survival gap between the socio-economic strata.

PLoS One, 2010; 5(6):e11320
Record added: 8-03-12

Socio-economic change and parent-child relationships: implications for parental control and HIV prevention among young people in rural North Western Tanzania

Wamoyi, J.; Fenwick, A.; Urassa, M.; Zaba, B.; Stones, W.
Culture Health & Sexuality, 2011; 13(6):615-628
Record added: 13-05-11

Parental control and monitoring of young people's sexual behaviour in rural North-Western Tanzania: Implications for sexual and reproductive health interventions

Wamoyi, J.; Fenwick, A.; Urassa, M.; Zaba, B.; Stones, W.
Bmc Public Health, 2011; 11
Record added: 28-03-11

"Women's Bodies are Shops": Beliefs About Transactional Sex and Implications for Understanding Gender Power and HIV Prevention in Tanzania

Wamoyi, J.; Fenwick, A.; Urassa, M.; Zaba, B.; Stones, W.
Archives of Sexual Behavior, 2011; 40(1):5-15
Record added: 21-03-11

Net survival of perinatally and postnatally HIV-infected children: a pooled analysis of individual data from sub-Saharan Africa.

Marston, M.; Becquet, R.; Zaba, B.; Moulton, L.H.; Gray, G.; Coovadia, H.; Essex, M.; Ekouevi, D.K.; Jackson, D.; Coutsoudis, A.; Kilewo, C.; Leroy, V.; Wiktor, S.; Nduati, R.; Msellati, P.; Dabis, F.; Newell, M.L.; Ghys, P.D.;
Int J Epidemiol, 2011; 40(2):385-96
Record added: 21-01-11

Population-level reduction in adult mortality after extension of free anti-retroviral therapy provision into rural areas in northern Malawi.

PLoS One, 2010; 5(10):e13499
Record added: 28-10-10

Declining child mortality in northern Malawi despite high rates of infection with HIV.

Jahn, A.; Floyd, S.; Crampin, A.C.; Mvula, H.; Mwinuka, V.; Mwaiyeghele, E.; McGrath, N.; Zaba, B.; Fine, P.E.; Glynn, J.R.;
Bull World Health Organ, 2010; 88(10):746-53
Record added: 18-10-10

Trends in HIV & syphilis prevalence and correlates of HIV infection: results from cross-sectional surveys among women attending ante-natal clinics in Northern Tanzania.

Kumogola, Y.; Slaymaker, E.; Zaba, B.; Mngara, J.; Isingo, R.; Changalucha, J.; Mwidunda, P.; Kimaro, D.; Urassa, M.;
BMC Public Health, 2010; 10:553
Record added: 11-10-10

Adjusting HIV Prevalence for Survey Non-Response Using Mortality Rates: An Application of the Method Using Surveillance Data from Rural South Africa

Nyirenda, M.; Zaba, B.; Bärnighausen, T.; Hosegood, V.; Newell, M.L.;
PLoS One, 2010; 5(8):e12370
Record added: 10-09-10

"Driving the devil away": qualitative insights into miraculous cures for AIDS in a rural Tanzanian ward.

Roura, M.; Nsigaye, R.; Nhandi, B.; Wamoyi, J.; Busza, J.; Urassa, M.; Todd, J.; Zaba, B.;
BMC Public Health, 2010; 10:427
Record added: 10-08-10