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Journal Article - Original Research

Hygiene: new hopes, new horizons.

Curtis, V. ; Schmidt, W. ; Luby, S. ; Florez, R. ; Touré, O. ; Biran, A. ;
Lancet Infect Dis, 2011; 11(4):312-21

A global network for investigating the genomic epidemiology of malaria.

Malaria Genomic Epidemiology Network: Achidi, EA; Agbenyega, T; Allen, S; Amodu, O; Bojang, K; Conway, D; Corran, P; Deloukas, P; Djimde, A; Dolo, A; Doumbo, O; Drakeley, C; Duffy, P; Dunstan, S; Evans, J; Farrar, J; Fernando, D; Tran, TH; Horstmann, R; Ibrahim, M; Karunaweera, N; Kokwaro, G; Koram, K; Kwiatkowski, D; Lemnge, M; Makani, J; Marsh, K; Michon, P; Modiano, D; Molyneux, ME; Mueller, I; Mutabingwa, T; Parker, M; Peshu, N; Plowe, C; Puijalon, O; Ragoussis, J; Reeder, J; Reyburn, H; Riley, E; Rogers, J; Sakuntabhai, A; Singhasivanon, P; Sirima, S; Sirugo, G; Tall, A; Taylor, T; Thera, M; Troye-Blomberg, M; Williams, T; Wilson, M; Amenga-Etego, L; Apinjoh, TO; Bougouma, E; Dewasurendra, R; Diakite, M; Enimil, A; Hussein, A; Ishengoma, D; Jallow, M; Lin, E; Ly, A; Mangano, VD; Manjurano, A; Manning, L; Ndila, CM; Nyirongo, V; Oluoch, T; Nguyen, TN; Suriyaphol, P; Toure, O; Rockett, KA; Vanderwal, A; Clark, T; Parker, M; Wrigley, R; Kwiatkowski, D; Alcock, D; Auburn, S; Barnwell, D; Bull, S; Campino, S; deVries, J; Elzein, A; Evans, J; Fitzpatrick, K; Ghansah, A; Green, A; Hart, L; Hilton, E; Hubbart, C; Hughes, C; Jeffreys, AE; Kivinen, K; MacInnis, B; Manske, M; Maslen, G; McCreight, M; Mendy, A; Moyes, C; Nyika, A; Potter, C; Risley, P; Rowlands, K; SanJoaquin, M; Small, K; Somaskantharajah, E; Stevens, M; Teo, Y; Watson, R; Agbenyega, T; Carucci, D; Cook, K; Doyle, A; Duombo, O; Farrar, J; Gottlieb, M; Marsh, K; Puijalon, O; Taylor, T; Kwiatkowski, D.
Nature, 2008; 456(7223):732-7

Hygiene intervention reduces contamination of weaning food in Bangladesh

Islam, M. S.; Mahmud, Z. H.; Gope, P. S.; Zaman, R. U.; Hossain, Z.; Mondal, D.; Sharker, M. A.; Islam, K.; Jahan, H.; Bhuiya, A.; Endtz, H. P.; Cravioto, A.; Curtis, V.; Toure, O.; Cairncross, S.
Tropical Medicine & International Health, 2013; 18(3):250-258

Candidate polymorphisms and severe malaria in a Malian population.

Toure, O. ; Konate, S. ; Sissoko, S. ; Niangaly, A. ; Barry, A. ; Sall, A.H. ; Diarra, E. ; Poudiougou, B. ; Sepulveda, N. ; Campino, S. ; Rockett, K.A. ; Clark, T.G. ; Thera, M.A. ; Doumbo, O. ; Collaboration with The MalariaGEN Consortium, . ;
PLoS One, 2012; 7(9):e43987

Improving microbiological food Safety in pen-urban Mali; an experimental study

Toure, O.; Coulibaly, S.; Arby, A.; Maiga, F.; Cairncross, S.
Food Control, 2011; 22(10):1565-1572

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