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The use of action research for assessment and improvement of integrated practices on drinking-water quality surveillance: potentialities and challenges

Queiroz, A. C. L.; Cardoso, L. S. D.; Heller, L.; Cairncross, S.
Engenharia Sanitaria E Ambiental, 2012; 17(3):277-286
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This work presents the stages of an action research applied to assess and improve the practices of the Environmental Monitoring Program related to water quality for human consumption (Vigiagua) in three municipalities of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It aimed to detail the processes triggered during each phase of the action research, exploring methodological challenges and opportunities arisen, using a qualitative method. It was verified that the use of the action research allowed empowerment of actors involved in the research; the establishment of inter and intra-institutional and intersectoral spaces and new relationships and the expansion of the knowledge about the subject in question. These achievements will possibly transcend the research itself.