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Participatory Research with Communities

2004 - 2005 EPHA European Environment Network. Its Our Health, Our Future too. European Commission project with Russia, Belgium and UK children in a participatory video project.

2004 - 2006 It's our Science, our Society, our Health: a collaborative research project to engage low income children in public health science Wellcome Trust

2003 - 2004 Assessing the health risk and impact of living on Thames View estate, Barking and Dagenham, London. A study at the request of the community and local government.

2003 - 2006 European Social Fund Summer Schools (With HEFCE) And London P4P Aimhigher: To coordinate annual week long Summer Schools for Disadvantaged Year 11 Students from the South East of England.

2003 - 2006 European Latin American Alliance for Telemedicine to reach isolated communities in Peru, Cuba and Colombia. To support participatory epidemiology distance learning teaching. With a consortium led by la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Ingenieros sin Fronteras.

2003 Análisis De La Situación De Salud Con Enfoque Intercultural. An exploratory study of the health of recently contacted indigenous people in a national reserve affected by an transnational Oil/Gas project. Requested By Federation Of Indigenous Peoples Of Peru (Asociación Interétnica De Desarrollo De La Selva Peruana (Aidesep). pdf

2002 - 2003 Our Transport, Our Science, Our Health. Participatory Epidemiology on transport and health in London. Funded by the UK Department for Transport, New Horizons Programme. A project using popular epidemiology and working with 4 community groups and 3 schools in 4 boroughs of London. final report.pdf

2002 - 2005 Las Semillas de La Vida Participatory Evaluation of organic agriculture and health in NW Argentina. Funded by the Shell Foundation. 3 year study of organic agriculture and food security in North-West Argentina using popular epidemiology.

2002 to present Health Unlimited/LSHTM Programme on Indigenous Health. A participatory voluntary project with Health Unlimited to support analysis and promotion of Indigenous Peoples Voices.

Associated staff

SEHR:Outside SEHR:
Carolyn StephensSimon Carter (HSRU)
Chris GrundyDavid Conway (PMBU)
Sam PattendenMary Cameron (DCVBU)
Rupert HoughChris Curtis (DCVBU)
Celi BusbyIan Roberts (NPHIRU)
Shak HajatAdrian Cousins (NS)
Jack Dowie 
Zaid Chalabi 
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